Europa League race


It is when it makes Spurs fans cry!


I really hope Ajax win. I live in Amsterdam, so the party would be insane.


Nah I’d rather Spurs have made the CL and have some round of 16/ Group stage exit in 12/13 than Chelsea have been European Champions.


Exactly. Can see them dropping points against West Ham if we beat Stoke.


I’m still hoping Man Utd mess up in the final, not just they don’t win a trophy and not reach the CL, but all that Adidas money they’d be set to lose as a result from failure to reach the CL in successive seasons would be rather hilarious icing on the cake :eyes:


Same here… will be massively routing for Ajax, who also look quite interesting right now.


Image an Europa League with us and Manure next season. Better the Champions League! :wenger:


I want to believe in Ajax but their form away from Amsterdam doesn’t add up to much :confused:


Wrong thread :xhaka:


Alright you Italian winklepicker :smiling_imp:


Thanks, you english sea bass :mustafi: