Emirates Cup 2017




playing some decent stuff…considering these lot are champions of their league!


Wtf is our team on? Looking like Barca 2010 or some shit.


Class goal, some beautiful stuff.


Amazing what you can do when players arent being selfish on the ball, i dont give a fuck if sanchez goes tbh…i worry about him being in the epl because lets face it he is a class player BUT not a team player he starts off well then starts being too selfish doing too much on his own we cant put together a quick passing style with players holding onto the ball for too long!


With the stupid points system, i think We already won this.


What a second half! And Benfica are in the Champions League :kos2:


Are you sure?


It always like this without any pressure :hipster:


Now we know why Oxlade wants to leave, he’s seen Reiss Nelson in training. Lucas Perez role for Ox next season if he stays.




We have 8 points now already.


Theo off at last. Thank god. Awful today. Should have his contract cancelled immediately tbh. Playing him in competitive games will get us relegated.



Couldn’t even score 4 like Sanogo did against these lot smh :henry2:


Yeah, goals count.


Loving this game. Beautiful football


So we have 8 points, while Seville 4, right?


ox doesnt seem to have the dynamism of nelson, seems to be less sharp. less powerful with his runs and even maybe a bit slower


Lacazette is no Theo that’s for sure.


Nelson and Kolasinac today :ok_hand: