Emirates Cup 2017


Definately an own goal lads


Own goal :joy:


LOL literally the poorest hattrick of all time

Watching it on some Portuguese stream which is making it so much more exciting.


Nah it was like a billiards shot, banked it off the defender, that’s just how fucking good the guy is Leps! :theo:


if it was a hattrick which it wasnt so what…remember sanogo scored 4 against these guys does it mean sanogo is a world beater?


Me too… they almost make the game seem amazing.

Was watching it on a dutch stream before and he fell asleep half of the time.


Did Sanigo score 19 goals for us in a season including screamers against Bayern and City? I can’t recall…

Theo pulling the strings btw lol his movement is too good opens space for everyone.


the commentator just said in Reiss Nelson we are going to have another Ox, I really hope not


Argh theo


Theo feeling himself, ahh FUCKING PEN REF!!!


Ahahahahaha. That’s why you should be playing for Everton Theo you dink.


He was fouled.


He was shit.


Hahahaha bit shit from Theo there @Arsenal4thetreble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats what Theo normally does when under pressure. No open goal there son


You were so damn right about him!


When is Lemar coming on?




Yeah bro :hipster:


Sucks when you’re getting fouled by the air.