Emirates Cup 2017


you hope!


Be careful or Barca could bid for him to replace Neymar :wink:


We are probably gonna see them in the League Cup though :wink:


Swear the likes of Alaba has praised Walcott openly before? Just saying :grinning:




Unlucky with deflections today.


But Messi and Alaba know nothing about football. I value the opinion of OA much more.


the blue kit looks even worse (if that’s even possible) in the flesh


Bring :laca: and :ozil2: on to win the game.


I need a close up of Xhaka in the rain to console me


I’m starting to get on board with this blue kit. A wet Giroud :heart_eyes:


Quests decision to opt for 20 minutes of solid adverts is one Sky and BT must look at quite longingly


if you want to get stains out of your tables then quest is the channel for you


Our girls are getting hot :grimacing:


I’m liking the way the kit looks on the players. I like the little dots on it. I’m a fan of that kit now.


Chambers on for Holding.


Giroud looks incredible. There’s a game going on? :eyes:


That was great by Xhaka. Quick play




Theo hat trick. FUCK OFF HATERS!!!11!!!

Lol that’s going down as an own goal though lulz.