Emirates Cup 2017


If Xhaka, Ox, Ramsey, Coquelin and Elneny wasn’t adequate last season why on earth would it be adequate this season?


Because magic, ok?


Oxlade dribbled on the right, as holding midfielder I agree to keep squad players as Elneny & Coquelin but we need a player on the same level of Xhaka (and Ramsey).

Chelsea have Fàbregas, Kante and bought Bakayoko.

Manchester United have Pogba, Carrick, Herrera and are buying Nemanja Matic.

The same Tottenham have Dier, Wanyama and Dembele as first quality reserve from the bench.


It was perfectly adequate, we finished one point out of CL spots and won the FA cup. Tbh that’s more than adequate. We aren’t winning the title with the squad we’ve got anyways so as I said previously it’s probably enough to win us the EL. Besides if Ox gets a nice spell at CM he’ll elevate the entire squad.


We had a very poor season last year and it’s not likely to get better with the inconvenient Europa League.

I can think of few times that I’ve gone into a season with as little optimism as this one. It’s the same shit.


Our season was far from poor imo. Like i said a point behond city and FA Cup is decent. A poor season is like chelsea a couple years ago being in the relegation zone for the majority of the year. The only really disappointing part of the year was our terrible showing in the CL against Bayern and our results against Spurs.


Our season was not far from poor. We finished 5th. Mounted no title challenge. Got embarrassed in the CL. Failed to beat any of the top 10 teams away from home (well that was our record at one point) and played some of the worst and most disjointed football we have ever played under Wenger.

That is a poor season.


So what happened to the pre contract extension “Wenger’s going to win the league in the next 2 years” confidence you had? Are you backing down from that before the season even starts?


That’s just Treble trolling talk, the guy is happy with 5th place and the cup so you really think he believes Wenger will win the league again ?


Most of them are too incostant so it would be better to buy Seri.


I feel you bro, the way OG12 clears corner kicks I see no reason why he couldn’t be as good as Bonucci.


Very true however when Girouds stats rival only Ronaldo himself, you gotta keep him at CF.


My heart says yes, my head says no.


tbh, you were being a tad moustache twirly about 3 at the back.

There was a constant drone of ‘three at the back’ followed by the words ‘tactual nuance’ rounded off by mention of acquiring the latest obscure European talent with half a days worth of sample data, that usually ended with a shoutout to Coquelin or Ox being incompetent. It was a tad predictable, especially when hipster 2 got involved.

It has paid off though so Kudos to you for identifying it early tbh.


Would take FA Cup over 4th. Was a great day and feeling to win it. But the Bayern games is a dampener. It was an ok/middle of the road season.


You cherry picked all the terrible moments, good for you. However every team that didn’t win the title has a lot of similar moments, if you want to be negative you can.

On the positive side we smashed Chelsea, beat united and Mourinho, knocked both City and Chelsea out of the FA cup in consecutive rounds on our way to winning the whole thing. We scored a shit load of goals a lot more than in previous seasons, Holding developed into a great looking player, Iwobi as well.

Combine my positives and your negatives and we have a pretty decent season. The scum won a lot of matches and still have absolutely nothing to add to their barren trophy cabinet. We supposedly had a worse year but won something regardless.