Emirates Cup 2017


Doom monger.


I watched it yesterday.
It was so good they showed it again today, it was better than watching us against Sevilla.


As long we as get the Europa League I’m cool with that. Also because by that we get what the whole top 4 is for (Champions League entry).


Good test to reach the good condition for the Community Shield. Coquelin out for injury isn’t a good news…


Coquelin out with an injury is fantastic news.


Ben Yedder doesn’t take kindly to someone with a food insult Luca would be proud of :speak_no_evil:




Poor Giroud, even when he scores he gets shit.


Who won the cup in the end, you fucking baguette with kebab? :xhaka:


What a joke of a tournament, we win it when we win one and lose one, whilst Sevilla win both games.


Pretty sure you’ve always got a point for every goal scored since the first emirates cup, why are people actin supprised?


This is what Emirates Cup is, a joke… but some fans took this competition and the games too seriously.


Not surprised just stating the facts of what a shambles of a set up it is. What’s important know is that Wenger really gets a move on in regards to the transfer market, still need 2 top quality signings before the season starts lol.


It’s their to incorage attacking play and make a pointless pre season friendly torniment more intresting for spectators, it’s thrown up a funny anomoly this year what with Seville being abbot hard done by but seen as it’s a frendly I doubt their that bothered


I feel like you’re taking the annual pre season money making corporate sponsored 4 game tournament a little bit too seriously here. :joy:


I couldn’t care less if we won it or not its just a mere observation about the set up of the tournament lol. What I am starting to get very concerned about though is our options in central midfield.


See how fucking easily ox just dribbled around people today? I see no reason why he can’t do the same in the midfield. Yes I’d like proven talent like Seri there but if we don’t buy, Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Coq, Ox should be adequate.


Adequate isn’t really what we should be looking for though is it ? Nah I confess I didn’t see it as I didn’t watch any of the Emirates cup.


Well if nobody is expecting to win the league, that midfield surrounded by the other talent we have should be enough to win the euros.

As far as Ox he pretty much looks to have kicked on from last years FA Cup final where he made Kante his bitch for 90 minutes.


Because being a midfielder is more than being able to dribble around. You’ve got to be two steps ahead all the time, know where your next pass is before you recieve the ball. Ox isnt suited there and never will be.

His physical attributes and being able to beat a man makes him perfect for RWB though. We just never knew it till we tried the formation.