Emirates Cup 2017


No, you hate us.


Ffs Ozil


Ozils been bad today as well.


said it earlier…looks utterly shit today


We won the cup. I don’t give a fuck about the rest. Roll on to the CS.


kind of a dumb tournament really, Sevilla won both games and didn’t win the trophy


The state of pre season tournaments when a team with 1 win and 1 loss wins it ahead of the team with a 100% record :smile:


This is embarrassing lol.


Yeah, it is clearly a rule to play into our hands :henry2:


quest isn’t even showing the trophy lift, not that I wanted to see it though but still


It’s just a friendly guys.


who said it wasn’t?


Really? are you that obtuse?


all were doing is pointing out how dumb the rules of this competition is


We will get our results, no doubt. But bar two we haven’t got any entertaining players to bring some excitement.


We already won 2 out of 3 of the pre season cups. No need anymore to commit anyone to the Community Shield and better rest our players for the league opener.






haha that was probably the best way to celebrate a friendly trophy


Roll on 6th place finish :ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::+1::joy::joy: