Emirates Cup 2017


Welbeck should have scored that goal, not Lacazette. What a disgrace of a striker Welbz is, he must be the striker with the worst finishing in the world.


Better than your hot dogs :laca:


Gald you’re finally coming round to the idea :slight_smile:


Surely I watch the whole time to miss the goal.


Well, I always liked the idea of Ox at wing-back, suggested it long before we actually moved to the 3 at the back (and was lambasted by @Oliver for being a hipster copying European hipster football ideas ;)), just was skeptical Wenger would continue to play him there/Ox would content himself with playing there and wouldn’t use him in other positions (read: any other) where he’s dastardly. But yeah, he’s a major weapon as a wing-back, see the goal he just made.


What a goal :open_mouth::open_mouth:


No cover whatsoever. Terrible defending.




Some high quality ball watching on their goal


no defending that goal anyway, no one expected him to have such a good strike from that position.


4 goals conceded in 2 games. Not good.


with an unsettled defense tho


wouldn’t make to much of it, it’s still a friendly


Bramail looks to be a rather shit footballer, not sure why we’re bothering with him. Definition of a speed merchant.




There are a lot of physical players in this side. Not a lot of footballers. Pray to god Seri/Lemar are going to happen.


Was Laca’s injury bad?

Been unable to watch the game with this terrible wifi.


Didn’t look bad.

Our performance does. Jesus, awful game. Sevilla deserve to win this pot.


ozil and welbeck look fucking terrible today…just look so dry, no spark just meh


There’s a reason I have no arsenal players in my fantasy team