Emirates Cup 2017


Well, like I said, you have to take into account his position. When he first came onto the scene there were some who were like woah this guy is so good, why not use him as a winger too? but I always said that for a winger he would be terrible, so yes, for a winger his technique isn’t good.

Extremely relative judgments/barometers of technique aside, you can’t deny that the player in that video looks totally different from the one we’ve seen the last couple years. Maybe it was simply he just started fast but that wasn’t indicative of his actual level (ie, small sample size), but I have problems with that conclusion (namely that the sample size is bigger when you take into account his time with the youths which looked just like the player in his first season, not the player in these last two seasons. I’m inclined to think it’s something between a Ramsey-like crisis of confidence and not ideal training methods).


Ox again drifting past everyone for fun. Starting to think he’s a nailed on starter there ahead of Bellerin. Maybe we should let him gonto Barfa for 50m.




We’re playing like shit. Deserved lead to Sevilla.


Can somebody tell me what Joe Willock’s original position is?


That was a fantastic goal by Sevilla


chamberlain can cross to save his fucking life…why are so many of our wingers wingbacks so shit at crossing.


Fuck off! Traitor!


10 or 7


What are you talking about? He’s put in a load of dangerous balls. A perfect one Bellerin fucked up in the first half.


dangerous balls to noone…that aint dangerous, maybe in a dangerous place but it would be better if a fucking player is there, why cant these clowns pick a player out


If a player were there…kinda like Theo?


From the front the Sevilla team look like referees! Nice kit though :ok_hand:




That was all Ox. Welbeck tho :facepalm:




Yes! Fuck you California boy!


Why do you hate french?


What is up with Welbeck and his legs always missing the ball?
Good thing he ends up assisting.


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