Emirates Cup 2017


Maybe he’s not getting into good positions? Danny has gotten down the left channel several times with no options mid. Even Sanogo scored 4 goals in the Emirates cup, I fear for Lacazettes chances here if he is this impotent even in preseason.


Give him time to adapt, FFS!


Lacazette has gotten into lots of decent positions look at the latest one with Welbeck the stupid wankers are holding onto the ball too long and are not decisive enough for the chances to be created it is frustrating as fuck to watch. What has things come to when a 17 year old kid is more useful to your team and we played far better with nelson than fucking welbeck, bellerin and ozil.


First time i had seen Nelson play yesterday… that’s no normal 17 yo kid :giroud:


Are we sure we’re playing 3 at the back, jesus.


We have been carved up in transition at least three times. Wonder if that’s because Xhaka doesn’t play.


Honestly though, wtf has happened to Bellerín? He looks nothing like the player I saw for the youths and in his first season in the first team. 3 years ago he was playing in this same Emirates Cup and showing fantastic technique, and flash forward 3 years he’s really just a speed merchant with no technique or quality to his game whatsoever. Hope he recovers it but he looks at the moment to be another young player that started promisingly and stalled out/regressed under Wenger.


Had he really? This has always have been one of his weaker points.


Yawn. Bring Nelson and Xhaka on.


Argh bit of a borefest


Aside Fromm Welbeck, who was probably our best player in that first half, we’re playing with little urgency. Don’t they realise there is a major trophy at stake?! :woman_shrugging:


Is there a guy polishing a table on anyone else’s stream? :thinking:


For a RB, yes, he had very good technique. See this performance that I referred to-- assured on the ball, good decision making, assured first touch and close control. The dribble at 1:20 shows off his technique at that point nicely, and was typical of the stuff he would do for the youths too.

Gotta think that we don’t do a good job of training short technique and combination in the first team, literally doesn’t look the same player 3 years on, his first touch is Welbeckian in nature now and his decision making is Oxladeian, and you can see a similar evolution when you look at early Ox…in both cases they came from systems where perhaps they were training these qualities better.


His so so technique and decision making are more exposed as a wingback. As a fullback he is an exciting speedy guy with decent ball skills who adds something extra to the attack at select moments when he pushes forward. The wingback role pits him into advanced positions much more regularly, especially in transition, and he doesn’t quite have the game for it, at least at this stage in his career.


Our best players have been Ox and Kosh. Welbeck has been ok but a bit selfish for him dribbling around losing the ball and not making the right passes. Elneny doesn’t know what he’s doing playing CB clearly.


Quest don’t do half time chatting.

Personally I like it. A man getting watermarks out of a table > Michael Owen’s analysis


Aye, yeah. It was oddly satisfying. :smile:


That’s my point though, 2-3 years ago I actually think this position would’ve suited him. He just does not look the same player, or even the same type of player tbh.


I have to disagree with you. I always found his technic underwhelming. Especially for a Barcelona product. This stuff of him we’re seeing doesn’t surprise me in the slighest. Albeit it’s still frustrating.


What happens if we lose 1-0?