Emirates Cup 2017


Elneny had an excellent game tbf.


:hipster: Stop being gay for Theo :wink:


I thought Theo had a good game, irrespective of the goals.


Great second half! Nelson looks very good.


Lacazette should be sold. Poor mans Theo. Displayed none of the dynamism, sharpness and power our number 14 did.


Apart from joke, we have to start our most in-form team, not our best against Chelsea next week.


Nelson is just fantastic to watch. Looks like a special talent, I hope he gets a decent amount of game time this season. And he’s only 17 too - hopefully we’ve unearthed a little diamond.


I want him in the league cup and easier premier league games this season tbh. Need to see how this talent translates when the pressure is on.


And the Europa League


That was a good performance considering we started with mostly reserve players.
Nelson and Kolasinac were the stand out players, both very effective and great going forwards.
Walcott had a good performance even though he wasted his best chance, but he looked pretty good.
Although it was a pre season friendly we looked very good going forward and played with a lot of confidence.
It will be interesting to see how the first team play tomorrow and if Lacazette can perform if he plays the whole match.


Iwobi looked fantastic when he started playing for us, too. One step at time.


Iwobi’s still pretty good tbh.


So how did we play ? C’mon West Ham etc you know you want Theo he scored twice vs Benfica.



It’s not even on in English in the States. Better brush up on my Espanol. Although I might watch every game with the theme from “Titanic” on repeat for 90 minutes.


But let’s be honest about this. Even though I don’t have a fucking clue what they are talking about they make the game about 10 times more exciting than it really is.


@AbouCuellar where the fuck is Jeff in all this!?


Another 5-2 against these paella boys today. Thanks.


Willock, Ozil and Lacazette all start. Elneny plays as CB.


Come on Laca