David Ospina (13)


Can’t agree, he’s a good backup and generally a decent - good keeper.

Can we do better? Definitely but to say he’s garbage is flat out wrong IMO.


Ospina is a solid keeper. No sense throwing money after a keeper as long as we’re playing the high line Wenger insists on playing regardless of the opposition, situation, or personnel… We need a playmaker in midfield. The only way we can win in this suicidal formation is by outscoring opponents.


Oh yes, being a DJ is far more important than being a football player. This is our mentality :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Give it a fucking rest Luca.


It was just to say how football isn’t important at Arsenal. They only care about other things.


Who gives a fuck. I’m sure if you stalked United they’d have articles where Lingard tells you how many dabs he’s done to sugababes hits.