Danny Welbeck (23)





Two very cool goals :slight_smile:


I do love me some Danny Welbeck. And the celebration, lol I’m dead.


What does this Bae bull mean? I keep on seeing Bae everywhere but dont get what the hell it is about.


So glad to have this guy back in action. Two really clinical finishes from him. I also loved the linkup play him and Perez had.

It’s a shame he’s missed out on so much Football here with those injuries, but he’s really proved to be such a handy signing since he joined us. Very good cover.


Whenever you find yourself asking this question about whatever slang term is in vogue: www.urbandictionary.com


It’s Danish for poop…or

The most fucking annoying way to say girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or any other sort of significant other. Commonly used by ghetto folks, swagfags, and annoying fucktards


I’d like to hear @lengooner 's opinion of the word Bae. I mean he’s always doing special stuff for his bae and missing Arsenal matches so I’m sure he understands it’s power.


i dont get what it has to do with this salt shit thing though, i did hear it was something like babe but wtf has that got to do with that ponce seasoning his steak?


Don’t get injured again, FFS! We really need a player like you in our team.


Scores twice and an assist in his first start.

Means a four page thread on Redcafe is made. :joy:


:joy: teach a man to fish. Great post.


Love it how they always go on about it being the correct decision to let him go and then go to lengths to justify it, like the 50k a week or whatever they were paying him and that 16 million fee makes any difference to Manchester fucking United.

There’s just zero justification for letting him go, other than van Gaal is a dick. It must have been gutting for them.

He does get injured but he’s always back looking fresh as fuck.


One of his biggest attributes is his desire. The way he went after that ball for goal number 2 was quality. The timing of the run and the finish, top stuff. Pretty lucky he had such a good development under the Fergie era and being surrounded by strong winning mentality. Plus let’s face it, Northerners don’t do nonsense :welbeck:


This one guy went viral on black twitter for BBQ ing and seasoning a steak in the slickest way possible, and he is now salt bae.

Here is the original vid. I saw it back when it was first posted but didn’t think people would go this crazy over it.


Had to sprinkle a little bit on that feeling... pic.twitter.com/AmCy191wcs

— Danny Welbeck (@DannyWelbeck) January 28, 2017

I love this guy :heart_eyes:




Thats how you do a fucking banner.

Honesty, good boys can fuck off.


Should of been on the bench today


Needs to play