Danny Welbeck (23)


The fact that he isn’t exactly getting much first team football, would suggest that Wenger has the same opinion about Perez as he has about Campbell, and that is neither are good enough, apart from the occasional cup game.

One of Wenger’s strangest signings.


Even Cambell’s biggest fans on here certainly didn’t want another one of him.


It would suggest that the players that are legitimately ahead of him in the squad are performing

he trusted Perez enough to start the game against Basel up front and he delivered


He’s much better than Joel campbell and everyone was devistated when he left is my point


He’s one of our best big game players, very underrated, glad to have him back.


Thats not true at all. You are such doom and gloom merchant.



Strangely I’m with @Kaner on this one. Doesn’t happen often. :smiley:


So we bought a player for 17m to play in one game.
He is realistically behind, Sanchez, Giroud and Welbeck, in the pecking order.
What’s the point?

Like I said, either buy a world class attacking player or save the money until you do.

How many more players of the underwhelming quality of Perez, Walcott, Giroud, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Campbell, Welbeck, Iwobi, etc, do we need?

Stop accumulating mediocrity, and start getting some top class players in.
Buying this type of quality worked when we bought Sanchez and Ozil, but just two top players, in four seasons, clearly isn’t enough.


For once, i do agree with you. He can play on the whole frontline.


**[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:147, topic:100, full:true”]
He’s one of our best big game players, very underrated, glad to have him back.

Not sure weve played and won enough big games for him to get that accolade really.


As I posted in another thread we have won 2 of our last 12 league games against this years current top 6.


Leicester and United, Welbz stepped up when others didn’t.


Perez was bought to cope with the injury of Welbeck I’d say. In this day and age 10+ million pounds is what you pay even for squad players.


Do you think he can make a cameo against Preston? It would be the perfect game for him to regain fitness.


I understand that Welbeck was injured but since Sanchez has been moved from midfield to striker, it meant that we had Giroud, and even Walcott as adequate cover for that position, and then when Welbeck was fit, he could play there as well.

I just think the 17m for a player that is fourth choice, and hasn’t worried the first team, could have been saved and used for when Wenger eventually decides to splash the cash on a world class player.


We ‘only’ had five forwards because of that injury; Chamberlain, Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez and Iwobi. And Giroud wasn’t 100% either at the start of the season. I don’t think Perez was bought only for the centre forward postion, but because he could be deployed as a winger too.


Pretty sure we could afford pretty much any player in the world if the circumstances are right, Spending £17m doesn’t affect that


And ad I said I dont think thats a big enough bite size to call him a big game player.


Nice to see Dat Guy return yesterday :slight_smile:


Scoring that chance at the end would have made it the perfect cameo. If the keeper had any respect, he would have just let it in :grin: