Danny Welbeck (23)


Welbz. Decent January signing for us :grin:


He’ll start every game he can for us. Wenger loves him.


Good news… not convinced he is the answer to our wing/striker problem, but he is quality and can add another dimension and more competition, which is a good thing. I like his attitude and spirit- maybe he can give us a lift for the Jan/Feb run.


Id love to have him back fit and as good as new but the chances on this are slim. He’s been a waste of money signing as he’s been injured more than hes been fit. we certainly cant rely on him any more than we can rely on yaya sanogal.


He gave us the goal at Old Trafford and the Leicester winner. Two of my recent favourite memories of Arsenal.

Guy is a fucking hero :sunglasses:


That’s a bittersweet moment for me.


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That’s a bittersweet moment for me.
In hindsight sure but at the time it was amazing.

Genuinely thought there was a chance we go out on and win the thing after that, never again under Wenger.


Amazing that he has been at us for 2 and a half years now with the limited matches he’s been available for.


I mean, the only way I can assess that moment now is with hindsight :smile:


Can’t wait to have him back! Having him back makes those forward roles so much more competitive + hopefully adding some good measure to what he is/was destined for when he first started with Man Utd.


Save our season Welbz


This is the third season I’ve forgotten this guy existed at some point.


Chance to see him on the bench on sunday?


Bit too soon isn’t it? His first appearance will probably be in the FA Cup match v Preston


With Welbeck fit again we have plenty of options upfront, and with the very little playing time Perez has had, the question is, what was the point of buying him.

We might as well have bought no one and saved the money for a proper attacking player.


You mean one that can score a Hat trick in an important champions league game but is also happy to be a squad player when Sanchez wallcot and giroud are all scoring goals?


No I think the suggestion would be upgrading on one of those three you named.


Right I get that but to say “what exactly is the point” when the point was obviously to add a bit of depth to that area of the squad is stupid especially when Perez is actually forfilling that roll well


We have plenty of depth but, apart from Sanchez, very little world class quality.


People were saying we should have signed Matt jansen before we signed Perez because if we couldn’t sign world class we still needed another body in their

Turns out we signed Perez and he has scored or assisted in more of his few aperiances than he hasn’t

Without checking he already has about as many goals/assists as Joel Campbell who everyone was so heartbroken about loosing?