Danny Welbeck (23)


Not everyone. Probably cos im a miserable fucker though.


I thought we had won the title! Never celebrated a goal as crazily as that before. I was all ready for the bus parade, lol. Was on a high for ages - then losing to Barca and Man United (and Swansea I think?) within about 8 days brought me back down to earth with a massive bump! Same old Arsenal.


people thought we’d win the 2016 title? wow, after the 4-0 drubbing at Southampton I knew we had no chance

Anyway, Wellbeck is not gonna turn our season round and make us champs but hopefully he might keep that useless waste of oxygen Chamberlain out of the team


Yeah, i immediately thought “We are gonna win the league for sure now” :santi:


When Welbeck scored that winner, I think I was more relieved, than excited, that we got the three points and dealt Leicester a blow.

But never thought at that moment, “We can win the title”, too damn wary there were still many more games to go. I was just happy we managed to close the gap down at that moment.


perhaps you’ll remember that in future and not get over excited?

we were dropping points far too frequently to be likely to win the title


When Wiltord scored at OT in 2002 I thought " Where going to win the league now" The Welbeck goal or be it vital at the time put us 2 points off the pace in February, people are going overboard.


I think it was more of a feeling like we had done the job the rest of the league hadn’t been able to pull off, namely putting a halt on the great form of Leicester. At that point I felt, OK now LC are going to fall apart and the momentum is with us.


Yeah fair play to Leicester to respond by winning like 5 league games straight after that heartbreaker, If roles were reversed at that stage of the season thats the sort of loss that would have sent us spiralling ( Well we started spiralling anyways lol)


How many times over the years have you and your lot claimed this might be the year arsenal drop out of the top 4 or whatever and are wrong every single year?

Prahaps you’ll remember that in the future and not be such a ninnny


Same. Last touch of the game and truly our final chance to save the title race at that time. If you can’t enjoy moments like that in football, you’re simply too emotionless to relish virtually any moment in the sport. Huge relief and huge joy.


Talking about his return, Danny Welbeck could be like a new signing for us, especially now with Alexis as striker because he could play on the left (benching Chambo or Iwobi). He is capable to combine defensive qualities, striker qualities and physical qualities. He should be a key into the space who Alexis loves to open since he plays as striker. Imagine him, Alexis and Theo behind Ozil with Chamberlain, Iwobi, Olivier and Lucas on the bench :heart_eyes:


That’s a good point. With Alexis firmly up top, Welbeck gives us some depth out left and at striker and puts more competitive pressure on Iwobi and Ox to fight.


We won’t miss top 4 but as I say every year we will be closer to 5th in terms of points than we will the Champions.


It feels like we’ve never made it to December before without hearing this line. :slight_smile:


I’ve never claimed that and I’m not a member of a ‘lot’, I’m an old man who says what he likes after nearly 60 years of supporting the Arsenal


I wasnt that excited first time round tbh.


He is back :heart_eyes:


Welcome back, Danny. Always good to have another fit body available. Options, options, options.


Get in Dat Boy! Reliable back up to have.