Danny Welbeck (23)


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I remember that goal CLEAR AS DAY.

It was Valentine’s Day weekend and I was in Paris with my girlfriend, and we’d gotten back to the hotel room after a day of exploring so we were just chilling on the bed while the game kicked off.

Anyway, with it being Valentine and all my girlfriend starts getting a bit frisky and before you know it we’re bumping uglies but I manage to position ourselves so that we’re doing it cowgirl but at an angle so that I have an unobstructed view of the game on the television and literally seconds before I climax Danny Fucking Welbeck scores the last minute winner.

Best. Shag. Ever.

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Sounds like a movie.


BEST POST EVER :open_mouth::sunglasses:


Hahahaha Cristo


Cristo you lad :arteta: This is why OA is awesome, where else can you get so many great personalities in one place!


Glad you guys enjoyed that story :joy:

She’d probably kill me if she knew I told anyone haha


But did you scream Weeeeellllllbbbbbbzzzz as it happened?


I definitely screamed haha


You mean it wasn’t muffled by the ball-gag?!


We aren’t quite at the ball-gags and strap-ons level yet.



Lmao, but didn’t you feel kinda gay with that image of the young strapping lad which is DAT GUY WELBZ in your mind as you jizzed :welbeck:


Don’t you dare ruin my image of you as basically the perfect male. :sunglasses:


Haha he really is the perfect male.



Welbz is returning to training next week. Our season’s saviour is on his way back people!


This is absolutely amazing.

I was away for a long weekend with friends in Shropshire, where we drank and played the whole weekend long. Being an eternal optimist at that point of the season, I saw this match as a big one. Nay, HUGE. We made time to watch the game.

After Danny Welbeck’s last minute winner, momentum shifted to Arsenal in the title face. Could this be the first time in however many years that Arsenal could win the title? Ecstatic texts from my father, who had attended the game, implied it may well be.

That night, whilst having luxury cuddles in bed with a female of high order, I reached my emotional and physical peak. As I rose to the point of climax, I recalled Alan Smith’s famous commentary before Ozil’s freekick ‘is this the time for Arsenal???’

As my man fluid flew into the twilight zone, I exclaimed ‘IS THIS THE TIME FOR ARSENAL?’

It was. What a shame we did not win the Championship - Lord only knows what a Martin Tyler soundbite would have done to the girl.


Well that’s it.
Here on ‘is this the time for Arsenal?’ is a sexual innuendo.


Sounds like you’re describing an encounter with a high class call girl :smile:


Could of had a field day with Brian Moores Its up for grabs now in 89 at Anfield.


Welbz goal against Leicester is up there with any goal I’ve ever experienced as an Arsenal fan. Genuinely thought we would win the title after that.


So did everyone :disappointed: