Danny Welbeck (23)


Nah, I don’t think he’d improve us much at all. Another option for the team, but not the kind of option that’s really required.




I was waiting for that Leciester goal to get a mention.
I sort of remember his miss against Watford in the cup more.
Guess thats DAT GUY in a nutshell for me.


I think there is still an air that Nii Tackie Mensah has not truly peaked yet, clearly not the finished article as a clinical goal scorer, which I find interesting and is probably the reason I’ve got a lot of time for him.

Either way, you know at a minimum that you will get 100% work rate from him, wherever you put him on the pitch. At this moment in time, he’s a threat on the wing, stronger than some of his compatriots and a player we can use to keep this Alexis up front thing going longer/add more options to.

It also limits Ramsey to a cozy box, whereby he has one position in the team now, and it’s not on the wing!


Why not?

He offers the facilitation of Iwobi but with a goal threat and actual defensive work rate.

If Welbz could find the back of the net consistently we’d have the striker we need, he does everything else well enough.


The sad thing is that Man U fans were probably saying this in 2012.


Well I disagree, he doesn’t offer the facilitation that Iwobi does (certainly not at the level of his first 6-8 games this season). Welbeck and Walcott together on the wings wouldn’t bring enough creativity, yes he might be a bigger goal threat and superior defensively but the front 4 of Alexis, Ozil, Theo and Iwobi actually had a good balance to it and looked very promising.

But anyway, now that it looks like Ox has taken Iwobi’s spot :confused:, I would gladly have him back and starting.


I think you’re underestimating Welbeck’s link up play to an extent he is very good in possession and can form combinations with ease as he’s demonstrated before.

Perhaps not quite like Iwobi but coupled with everything else he’s the better option on the flanks considering what Iwobi brings to the table currently.

Chamberlain wont last long ahead of Iwobi unless he starts playing Iike Theo has and that is unlikely.


Need Welbz back soon, scores very important goals. Celebrated his goal v Leicester really hard even though it meant nothing in the end, at the time it temporarily won us the league.


He’s definitely world class tbh.


He could be if he could finish better


I love this. :smile:


Lol I think we were still 2 points back even after that win. I was excited too though :grin:


Yeah we were still behind but we became favourites after that goal. Even then, no one believed Leicester would have a chance


Great moment, was jumping like a nutter. Anyway Welbeck will have another big moment like that this season.


Hope he returns and has a positive contribution to our season, but I think we’d be smart to let him go in the summer. Two major knee injuries, one on each knee, I don’t think he has the talent to justify keeping him when there’s a good chance he won’t be the same or could possibly have reoccurring issues.


Depends what you mean by that though. When everyone is fit he isn’t a first 11 player, no. But he is close IMO. Or at least he was. We can’t judge him post injury yet - but either way, there are other players i’d sooner let go in the summer than him.


Better than the days of really mediocre players, but now we have players who are good but don’t have a high ceiling to them.

I rather we invest our time on someone who could become world class. I don’t think Welbeck would be that.
That said, I would keep him for another season. He looked really handy option to have last season.


Draxler for the LW then ? Potential to be top class if the price is reasonable enough in Jan.


I realy don’t rate him so far for what he has displayed for Schalke & Wolfsburg.
Trust me he will annoy you like Gervinho when we are chasing a score.

But for reasonable amount, i guess we should take the risk.