Danny Welbeck (23)


Gervinho level of missing. Holy fuck


This bloke will never score double figure league goals in a season.


Waiting for the obligatory post about his movement and running now.


Don’t forget about the most important: work rate.


Özil level of assisting :ozil2:


Didn’t score or assist but he was very good today.

Deserved that after the two long term injuries he’s had!


Thought he was a beast today. We saw the very best of him and the qualities he brings to the team.


Worked so hard all game. I don’t care if he scores or not, as long as he keeps on making these runs opening up for his teammates.


If only he could score more he would be a very, very good striker.


Gave all he had but he needs to score more. Chance in the first half was golden.




It’s like saying ‘if only he could run faster he’d be a champion sprinter’

he is what he is and what he always will be

no point expecting him to improve in the finishing department


I think it was more just a lamenting of the fact rather than hoping/expecting he will improve.


Although he isn’t the best goalscorer his movement stretches out defences which helps Ozil and Alexis thrive.


lamenting because we are stuck with a third tier, at best, finisher

we should have a top tier one to replace him like that Aubemayang (sic) fella or someone


Yes, we should.


Good squad option to use sparingly, we know he can’t be a permanent fixture in the side as he simply just does not score many goals.


500/1 for Welbeck to be the next James Bond :joy:


He’s a better bet than John Travolta tbh…



Only thing is his aim would be utter gash and wouldn’t be able to hit a single target, he’d be the Stormtrooper of James Bonds