Danny Welbeck (23)


I know you did mate but its not quite set Chelsea that far back yet.
He hasnt proved enough yet. In fact hes been a big dissapointment this season imo.


De Bruyne was a kid with ability. Welbeck had spent a good 2 or 3 years as the pet of United and England managers.

He might not make the 11 but i think any manager would like a Welbeck in their 23.



I wonder if a new manager would keep Welbeck.
If we buy a new striker and keep Giroud, Welbeck’s game time is going to be limited, and I think he sees himself as more than a bit part at any club.

He is a good player but is he good enough to get a regal;ar place in our starting line up, especially given his injury record.
Unless Wenger stays, Welbeck could be on the way out along with Walcott and Ramsey.




:welbeck: sinking Moaninho, How lovely!


People on Redcafe are upset he celebrated, years after he has left them…hmmmmm Maybe RVP should come to their minds, utter prats!


They should be used to it by now.


Our best striker.


We desperately need a new 9. :joy:


Welbeck would be rated more if his name was more interesting probably. Scored some big goals in limited games. Can run in behind. He’d be a dream striker with more confidence in front of goal.


Whatever stream I was watching the comm said something like ‘of course he should celebrate,he’s scored a goal for the club who’s paying his wages’. Which is absolutely right,


He was clean through and kicked thin air.


He’s becoming our boon against his former Yanited. Such a great feeling. I love that he celebrates with gusto too!! :welbeck:


Man U sold him because he was surplus to requirements and he has gone on to score against them yet again.

They bought strikers like RVP, Martial and Ibrahimovich because they didn’t think Welbeck was good enough, so why should he show any loyalty when didn’t show him any.

He isn’t good enough to be a starting striker for us either but he is about the best we have.

This is rather a sad indictment on our club that a fourth choice Man U reject is possibly our best striker.


I love how Redcafe are splitted between the people who want him back and say it was a mistake to sell him and the people who still don’t rate him :wenger:


If he was wanted at United he’d still be there. Utterly ludicrous that some simpletons think supporting a club and loyalty to your own paymasters are mutually exclusive


I agree.
If his name was Mbappe, Aubermayang, Griezman of Lukaku, I would be a lot more interested.

[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:272, topic:100, full:true”]
Our best striker.
[/quote]That’s why we are behind all the other big teams.
He, like the rest of our strikers, is not good enough.


Just had a look at redcafe’s Welbeck thread and it’s had 7 new pages since Sunday!! :joy: Why does he trigger them so much ahhahahaha. Without being harsh it’s not like they sold the best player in the league to us like we did to them. The fuck do they care so much?!


What an assist for Bellerin.