Danny Welbeck (23)


Yeah, i don’t demand WC players at any cost, just the right ones (i sound like Wenger now :wink: :coq: :bellerin: )


without googling it negligence is a term used in employment law that means you wilfully don’t fulfil the terms of your contract meaning you can be sacked

you say yourself that wenger meets the boards requirements every single year so their for is absolutely not negligent


He isn’t negligent when achieving the boards aims, but he is certainly negligent when it comes to building a team that is capable of winning the league.

If you’re picking holes in the definitions of words I use, rather than just answer what is clearly obvious, then it’s a pretty poor argument.

I was under the impression that negligent meant failing to look after something properly.
But just to simplify what I was saying, I don’t think his transfer dealings were any where near good enough to win the PL, and the reason was because, for several seasons, he left gaping holes in positions that needed filling and persisted with players everyone except him, it seems, knew weren’t good enough.


No I’m pointing out as I have in the past that the word “negligent” became commonly used by the WOBs after some blogger claimed that wenger was guilty of gross negligence and would be sacked if he had a normal job, just find it funny that all these independent thinkers all have the same gripes, almost word for word, as some loudmouth on the internet


I doubt very much that the word negligent is used by people who know anything about football just because a blogger used it.

It’s probably because the word fits the situation and describes what has happened regarding our squad.

Why do you assume that because we don’t all defend Wenger constantly like you, that somehow we are all hanging on the word of some blogger?
What a ridiculous thing to say.


It was never used at all before he used it is what I’m saying, You didn’t nessisarily get it directly from their but the prominent twitter knobs all started using it at the same time and it became part of the WOB lexicon


Because of the result and the way we played everyone has forgotten Welbeck’s brilliant finish. :clap:


Oh and look who set it up Wenger :thinking::thinking:


Great finish tbf and an example of how we could have approached this game differently in so many ways.


Another example of how poor a goalkeeper Mignolet is. I enjoyed the finish though


We finished 2nd through another team fucking up, we were out of the running for the league a long time before that. And after Welbeck put us back into the race with his Leicester winner, we folded as per usual…Hence eveybody feeling a bit pissed off…Even though we finished 2nd, in a league that was there for the taking.


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says there is “no chance” Angel di Maria, Javier Hernandez or Danny Welbeck would have been sold if he was in charge last season.

Welbeck wasn’t there last season :joy: Bit weird including him when he left the season he won the double with Chelsea.


That’s typical nonsense from Mourinho.

If he wants them that bad he could have had them when he was at Chelsea.

Also I’m sure the money from the sales of those players went to fund the world record fee he paid for Pogba, and If Welbeck was at Man U, he would be third or fourth choice with Martial and Rashford.


Honestly don’t think he would.

Welbeck is a proper Mourinho player. He would have been one of the most used under him


Fergie is a big fan of Welbz and the man is no mug.

Jose would have loved to have him.


Capello too.


he is allowed to like/want players outside of his squad man. He doesn’t need to buy one to proove that.


Welbeck is a good, diciplined player who works hard and follows managers instructions. No surprise top managers admire that type of player.


This is the man who sold de Bruyne :xhaka:


Very good talent but were still waiting for him to deliver though at the moment really.


I meant that Mourinho said he would have never sold Welbeck, but then he didn’t give de Bruyne enough time to deliver.