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That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows we aren’t going to win the league at this stage so what we are playing for is one of the other three spots in the top four. I can’t see how you could begin to argue otherwise


Maybe she just means the season is a failure no matter what now, so she’s not fussed if we try a few things.


People mentioning fourth place being a trophy should be culled. :sunglasses:


The F.A. Cup? :xhaka:


Bit harsh to wish death on our manager m8


It’s not an objective at the start of the season though. Like last season we finished 2nd and were disappointed.


I think it was our objective.
If Wenger was really serious about winning the PL, he would have bought more than just a GK.
We were desperate for a striker, DM and CB, and it’s that negligence that proves he lacks the ambition to win the PL.
It was the decision to go another season with Giroud, whose claim to fame was he broke the record for a PL striker not scoring in consecutive games, and then rely on no injuries, that meant we had Flamini playing most of the season.

Why do you think we can possibly come close to winning the PL with the players we have?
Last seasons we had a great chance because the other big clubs had new managers, or were in chaos.
Do you think that’s going to happen again?


haha haven’t seen the word negligence used for a while


It should be Wenger’s middle name.


do you know the meaning of the word?

how can in one breath can you say the board are happy with only qualifying for the CL and wenger does that every year so they will never sack him and then call him negligent??

Le Grove or some other dickhead said wenger was culpable of gross negligence and should be sacked and all the WOBs started using that word because it sounds clever when in reality the majority don’t even know the definition of the word


just as Xhaka is highlighting. buying players isnt always the answer.

Besides, the year we bought virtually no one was our best league finish in about a decade.

wenger said it was for unity and it nearly paid off.


Our problem is not quantity, but quality.


We got less points in comparison with 14/15 and the least amount of points for a 2nd place since 10/11. That ‘best’ League finish has nothing to do with actual improvement. Please stop kidding yourself with that narrative.


its a fact that 2nd place is our best in nearly a decade. its not a narrative. a narrative is me saying we have improved, which i didnt say in that post (but believe all the same).

we dont compete with point tallies of years gone by, the only ones that matter are those of that season, and in that season were second best.


Negligence is ignoring glaring holes in the first team that have meant missing out on winning the PL.
As @Luca_from_Italy said, the problem is not quantity but top quality.

It’s this negligence over several seasons of buying adequate players, rather than top quality players, that will see our only two genuine players of this standard leave, and along with it any chance we had of winning the PL or CL.

As for nearly winning the league, when we bought almost no one, imagine if we had have bought a couple of players we were desperate for.
We could have won the PL, and kept hold of our best players.
But instead we are probably going to finish behind spurs, be out of the top four and lose our best players.


yeah the point is, buying players doesnt always yield positive results. look no further than this season

also, every fucking year is our last chance to win a league lately. THATS a tired narrative ffs. Arsenal are too big to never win again, we all know the issue is Wenger and when we goes we are shoulder to shoulder with all of the bigguns.


Quality of the squad wasn’t the issue in 15/16. We could have won the league even with the squad we had that season.

It was Wenger’s management which let us down ultimately. Poor rotation, poor tactics and poor mentality instilled with the squad. In our worse moments the team naivety was exposed by teams we should have easily beaten.


exactly ^ the squad was capable.


The gullibility in your post really irks me, but I should have known better. You do you, mate.


Fair enough.