Danny Welbeck (23)


That’s the perfect game for him, tbh.


And once again, didn’t even feature tonight :expressionless:


Recover from a long injury, score an hattrick against Southampton, get dropped :xhaka:


Actually hate watching us cause he just can’t do anything right. Play Welbeck and Lucas you fucking fraud wenger


Should have started but alas we have Wenger as our manager.


Fair enough to Arsene then :slightly_smiling_face: Seems Danny decided to miss it


Pace and finishing v Southampton proved he should be starting in the 1st team, not reserves.


He’s a sensible chap isn’t he?


A good example of fans not knowing something and putting it down to Arsene being stubborn… being completely wrong.

If he is only getting 70 mins in a reserve game, he isnt ready.


Yeah this time given the lack of information into what the actual situation was, a lot of fans jumped the gun to blast Wenger. Says something about the lack of trust in the manager when so many don’t even expect Wenger to have a good reason behind his use of Welbeck since Southampton. I did think it was a bit too odd.


Yeah I think it was clear as day Wenger didn’t wanna rush him back and rightly so. But with all the added scrutiny from the last few weeks every decision he makes will be picked at. It’s an unfortunate situation that Wenger has got himself into.


You are right tbh, its by his own hand we are where we are and he has orchestrated the entiere situation.

I do just wish we looked at things in a more objective way.


I really like listening to him… got some interesting things to say on his career :slight_smile:


Check out his latest Instagram story. Guy is ballin’ the ten pin bowling! :welbeck:


He’s really likeable and underrated. Nothing to play for now. He deserves a run up front.


I would have thought the fourth place trophy would be top of Wenger’s priorities.


not funny or remotely true. unless your’re guardiola


So you don’t think fourth place is at the top of our priorities?

Is it out of our reach?


We don’t play for that anymore. Nobody celebrated 2nd.


It’s what the board want, and it’s also what Wenger aims for.
The reason not many people celebrated second place was because of the bizarre way we got it, on the last game, with spurs getting thrashed by a relegated team.
Also, the fact we threw away the best chance we had to win the PL, and watch Leicester beat us comfortably, because Wenger thought it was ok to not strengthen and have players like Flamini playing in the first team.