Danny Welbeck (23)


How in the fuck did he not get a start today? Amazed by that decision considering he was rested midweek.


This more in the 1st 60 seconds he was on than what Theo did all game.


Scratch that it was 30 seconds.

Walcott is still woefully inadequate and honestly should have been shipped off after last season.


Ah, a year ago today, Welbeck did this and won us the league… good times… :sob:


Dunno what league you were watching love. But i dont remember winning any leagues.


That’s not at all patronising…


Temporarily won us the league with the goal


:smile: it was sincere.


Everyone thought we were gonna win the league at that point :xhaka:


No, not everyone did. There were plenty who thought we still had a lot to do. We were out of the title race two games later.


Apparently he starts tonight.


Would’ve been silly if he didn’t. Definitely should be starting in big CL games given our current team. Hopefully it’s Welbeck-Alexis-Iwobi-Özil-Elneny-Xhaka


Gonna have a big game tonight. The best big game player we have.


I think I’d rather Ox for Iwobi right now. A bit more pace and determination and spirit and in general, good old Englishness. Seriously though, Ox instead as I think Özil will benefit from a forward left position-or-wherever he wants to play position up front. It seems like his creative burden has been lifted somewhat recently and he needs to find his feet again in such a position.

What better way than on German soil and a tie such as this!


This 3 leading the line Ozil, Sanchez, Welbz and 3 in the midfield Ox, Xhaka, Elneny.


Doesn’t Welbz start on the left or CF? In which case we’ll probably start Theo.


Please no fucking Theo.


Yeah, I would definitely disagree. Iwobi is the better player, more likely to make the correct decision, far more useful in build-up and ball retention, in short, between Ox and Iwobi for a match like this as a manager I wouldn’t even have a decision.

But then Arsène and I don’t see eye to eye too often these days. :wink:

I’m expecting he’ll pick Welbeck, Alexis and a midfield 3 of Ox, Coquelin, Elneny with Özil higher up ‘out wide’. Doubt he trusts Xhaka for this game but we’ll see.


If we’re sitting back and have countering opportunities Theo is a better outlet that’s more likely to score than Iwobi.


No idea where this 4-3-3 talk is coming from. Wenger will either play 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1

He’s not going to change formation that drastically before the biggest game of our season.