Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


How is a player so weak, physically and mentally, our captain.
Wenger goes on about “mental strength,” then makes Walcott captain.
Is that some kind of joke?

I have never seen an Arsenal side so flimsy and weak both mentally and physically.

Not a single player in this team would get in the Invincibles side.
It was full of winners and players that were leaders with real mental toughness, and that’s why they were winners and this team isn’t.


Fuck Carragher, retarded cunt. He’s not wrong… I just fucking hate him.




His face is punch-able and his voice makes me want to gouge my ears out. Plus he’s not allowed to talk shit about our club, no one is… only we can. Yes, I know it’s not rational.


I don’t mind Carragher but that pretty much sums up how I feel about Steve fucking McManaman


Theo was not the captain… he was the craptain.



Just look at what Walcott said after the game

He was captain on the night and comes out after the game saying they were up for it more than us from the start and they could all see that

What a shocking thing to say. It just sums up the whole fucking attitude at the club right now

All this talk of having to get top 4 and everything will be alright has just bred a weak attitude to winning and fighting


Tbf that’s just what most of football journalism will tell you these days. Players “wanting it more” is the basic description of pretty much every football game won in the Premier League, as it is still all about covering more distance and showing more passion if you want to believe a lot of the pundits on air.

It’s hard to blame Walcott for using the same words when it’s all you hear on television.


Can understand that, although its not the phrase that’s in question so to speak. It’s the fact that a player, the captain even, that’s in a position to directly affect the outcome of the game (from the off lol) is the one saying it. Like what @JakeyBoy said.

Theo has basically admitted the team are not up for the fight, how could he be so naive so say that in the current situation. Also he’s a teachers pet so doesnt wanna shift any blame to our inept manager, they all protect each other in interviews. Its sad and bloody pathetic to be frank. They aren’t winners, they aren’t men.


Walcott being captain by itself shows just how far this club has fallen, atom or humber would make better captains! How can ANYONE take us seriously with that useless cunt as a captain, not just us fans or the opposition but our own fucking team. Imagine what Ozil and Sanchez think when they have that sack of shit as captain over them and people wonder why we are so bad. If i was at work and was told my team leader was a person who couldnt add 2 + 2 together and would struggle with stacking shelves i would think to myself ‘fuck my life i refuse to work like this’


True true, I agree. I merely wouldn’t expect any of them to really say anything different.


Agreed. I’m really beyond caring what any of them say. All that matters is what they do on the field and as we all know that simply isn’t good enough.

Completely understand why people would be fucked off with what Walcott said though.


It’s strange that Wenger after almost every game goes on about our players having mental strength, yet his captain admits after the game “they wanted it more than us.”

I wonder which one of them is lying?


Pudem up, pudem up