Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


This about sums up the situation, well done :clap:


Well it’s nice of Walcott to acknowledge the fans, after being one of nine players who didn’t bother coming over to the away end. Although it must be difficult when you’ve played that badly. Oxlade-Chamberlain did, as ever, which is why he gets less of a hard time even by those that don’t rate his ability.

Walcott’s well media-trained and I can see why he was chosen to face the post-match music (being captain too, lol) but saying “they wanted it more” is a very poor choice of words. Turned the night from bad to worse.

Actually I was in row 2 and the absolute dogs abuse that Bellerin received at the end was quite shocking. He took it all in. Coupled with what happened around the away coach after the game , some very angry fans indeed

Seriously, even taking Wenger out of the equation for a second, how do you heal this disconnect? Many fans actively despise Wenger and those that don’t increasingly hate some/all of our players instead. Or both. The players clearly have no motivation to perform for the fans that abuse them (probably dislike us too) and most of them are stripped of any confidence in themselves or the manager’s ability


Anyone notice the reaction/lack thereof to each goal as it went in?

Our team are resigned to losing games. Only our rookie goalkeeper from the back 5 seemed to show any willingness to bawl out a teammate for losing concentration , misplacing a pass etc.

Then they’re all there at the full time whistle sinking down on their haunches, as if only then does the realisation hit them about how bad the performance was. Our team sleepwalks to defeat each time, just occasionally waking up for short periods to do enough to turn a defeat into draw or draw into win.

Hah I’ve never wanted a season to end so quickly


Couple Talksport calls…

“Mamadou Sakho is a mistake on legs but what Allardyce has done is identify his strengths and his weaknesses and worked on them. Wenger can’t do any of that at the moment. He doesn’t know how to manage”

Also a caller named Nick who blames the ref and the fans for last night’s performance. Cundy loses it at him. :joy:


Cabaye-Bye LOL

This good aswell. So apt




the blokes in front of me literally sang wenger out songs all game.

fanbase is a state atm. So horrible to be in, never noticed how bad it on was telly. (should clarify first game i went to in a while)


Yep it’s quite a different experience being there. Still plenty enough people that will abuse anyone with a Wenger Out banner, but when you’re losing 3-0 to Crystal Palace (I scored the match on chances overall as about 6-2 btw) then the mood is only heading one way

I was right by the home fans and there wasn’t all that much goading given the circumstances. I’m sure there would’ve been fights tho. If we lose in those circumstances at Tottenham they will need to keep the Arsenal fans in for a looooong time


This is a good post and all Maxi don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’ve read pretty much the exact same post from you before after a bad match (IIRC it got a similar amount of likes too) and then you settle back into your same old pattern of performing mental gymnastics in order to make excuses for Wenger.

It’s like you forget that you’ve already had your Wenger Out turning point a month ago and then go through the motions all over again haha


I wrote a near identical post to this one but didn’t post in the end for whatever reason. It’s a fantastic post but soon he’ll be blaming everyone from Kroenke to the players all whilst absolving Wenger of blame and claiming he doesn’t get any support.



I don’t know if there is one single fan which dreams to have Arsène Wenger on the bench for the next season. Now, with the CL place too hard to conquer, and an FA Cup to play against a team which have bullied us in the Premier League (and a potential final against the Premier League champions or Tottenham, a better squad than us), will be crazy to confirm the manager, the board and the players for the next season.

I was with them when our financial situation was horrible and the 4th place was really like a trophy if you play with Denilson, Eboue, Chamakh, Squillaci and Almunia, but not now, I can’t accept a 6th (or 7th) place when you have spent 100M in the summer and in your current squad there are Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil, Granit Xhaka and other international players.

I’m tired to accept the mediocrity.

We need a revolution like when Arsène signed for us 20+ years ago. Unknown manager, unknown players a top manager or top players, Ozil and Sanchez in or our, Bellerìn in or out, I’M NOT INTERESTED, I want to see something different, I want to see a massive change of structure and mentality.

Unfortunately we are not Manchester United and whitout Arsène and the Champions League will be hard to attract great players, but fuck off, with Arsène and CL place now we are finishing outside the top four and the famous great players are spineless men like Granit Xhaka.

If Arsène loves us (and he loves us), would be a good idea to announce his departure at the end of the season and leave to the board and players to take a part of the faults.

If he will decide to accept the 2 years contract, it’s crazy. There isn’t only good reason to sign, especially without the Champions League to play and with Ozil and Sanchez ready to leave.

I want a new manager, new board, new backroom staff and I don’t want to see anymore many players.

I will never be in the side of fucking AFTV or banner boys, but it’s seriously the time to say goodbye to them.


We don’t go out there to lose games, we try to work the best we can but tonight it just didn’t happen. All we can do is apologise for that performance tonight.

I thought it was the contrary :hipster:


Imagine someone like Viera going into an interview and saying ‘they wanted it more’ he and adams etc are the sort of MEN that would rather hang themselves in the dressing room than accept that and do fuck all about it, if they saw they ‘wanted it more’ they would act like men and be like ‘fuck this we better raise our game and destroy these bunch of wasters’

fucking pathetic bunch of cunts a lot of this team needs to fuck off out of our club especially walcott been here for a decade and he is fucking shit and has a shit attitude a trained parrot/monkey hybrid…i dont want to see him anymore…captain my fucking asshole pubes a toddler or a mascot would make a better leader.


What irritates me (I won’t say angers because it doesn’t really) the most is how the messages are always the same, collective groups of cliched phrases about letting fans down, working harder to put it right, getting on with the next game blah blah. They don’t go home at night thinking about how they’ve let the fans down. What rubbish. About how they’ve let themselves and each other down, maybe, but not the fans. See my comments on ‘player/fan’ disconnect.

And yes I’m aware they have an entitlement to send a player out for interviews after games win/lose/draw. It’s an impossible situation, because, they HAVE to come out and say something and yet whatever they say is going to p*ss people off.


Next time they are put in front of the media, they should just plead the fifth!


Kicking us when we’re down.


when he is a billionaire he can buy arsenal and get rid of the board etc hehe…as if Kroenke will sell though.


a simple ‘we underperformed, and let everyone down. As a collective we are all responsible and your patience while we work through this is appreciated’ would have sufficed.

But to say any fucking player in the world ‘wanted it more’, given how long we have gone without a league title is bollocks.

We should want it more than anyone ffs.


Players like Walcott encapsulate everything there is to know about the latter half of Wenger’s reign; weak, passive and just don’t have the stomach for the fight. You can see why he is alleged to have clashed with Sanchez he’s a yes man in every way and will be kept for that reason.

Despite growing a beard and having a shit load of tats he’s the team’s Peter Pan, to see him wear the captains armband and trot out the the same bullshit buzzwords and phrases is sickening.


He’s a timid little cunt. Fuck him