Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)





Not acceptable. Questions need to be answered. Its a shame no one at the club has the cojones to speak up.


No shots at goal in the second half, not a single one. Palace were by far the better team, showed more hunger and desire.

I still think AW will sign a new contract no matter if we lose all the rest of the games, unless the board put him out of his misery. All the team were awful, no one came out looking great. I can only see us winning the Sunderland and Middlesbourgh games, wouldn’t shock me if we lost and drew the rest. We were lucky to get a team on a worse run then us (west ham) to stop the rot but knew once we faced a team with a bit of quality we were screwed.


Sam Allerdyce: ‘‘They leave their CB’s very exposed. Their fullbacks play like wingers.’’ And then went onto say they targeted that.

Thats how easy it is to beat us. Every manager must thinking along the same lines vs us. Same tactics every game.


Time for Boro, who haven’t scored in ages, to put 3 past us.


See us winning that one and Sunderland.

Leicester, Everton, Utd, Spurs, Southampton, Stoke away and City in FA Cup. Those are the games I really worry for us.


Clueless, gutless, these are the 2 words to summarize Arsenal’s performance.




[quote=“Calum, post:84, topic:1373, full:true”]
[/quote]Your record this season truly is abysmal :giroud: But not as abysmal as these sorry bunch of tossers who call themselves Footballers.

I haven’t bothered with our games in recent weeks and in all honesty, it’s definately feels like it’s been well worth spending time doing other things now.





Has he resigned yet?


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:132, topic:1373, full:true”]
Has he resigned yet?
[/quote]Likely to resign as much as you saying you’re done watching Arsenal this season :gunnersaurus:


Carragher is killing it on MNF. Overtaking Neville as the better pundit

“Souness said Arsenal are a team of son-in-laws - but what father would want their daughter bringing one of them home?” :ok_hand:

Talking sense on Özil and Sanchez too.


I didn’t watch the second half ;). However, the London-based people on here should go outside his house and protest. FFS! Get this baguette out of our beloved club.


Love Carra been on fire tonight :joy:

edit: here’s the full quote




AFTV is gonna be a blowout today…Rob will be creaming his pants thinking of the money!


Hasn’t Le Prat given an interview yet? I hope someone is beating up in the dressing room atm. Maybe Gazidis.