Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)



crystal palace screaming at the top of their lungs ‘Arsene Wenger we want you to stay’ so does every fucking fanbase tells you all you need to know…apart from the prick will take this as lots of people want him here genuinely and will sign knowing how much he is loved.


Ban @Robin_L. He is a secret Spurs agent :ramsey:


Theo replaced, didn’t even notice he was playing, apparently he was captain too.


They didn’t even write anything :joy::joy:


SACK ALL OF THEM! Just a bunch of yesmen!



Complete shambles. No organisation, no leadership and no heart! Defence completely exposed and the midfield are like headless chickens. We all knew EXACTLY what Palace would do - we do this every week, we fail to deal with the obvious. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. And that’s what this is, an absolutely humiliating failure!


when you think of it wenger is a fucking bastard, wenger just sitting their with his smug controlling narcissistic self knowing that fans want closure the club needs to know what he is doing it effects the players whether they say it doesnt…and he just keeps everyone on red alert while this is going on, to me that is sickening and i will never respect him anymore not like how i used to i have lost all respect for the preening grinning fucker…he sits there with his smirks and his misdirection whilst the whole fucking club goes to the shitter, fuck this guy!


Palace fans signing him to stay is probably gonna convince him to do it :hipster:








I admire you all for being positive in thinking we’d win this match by the way. I was in the minority in voting for a Palace win. #Jadeknows



well at least it wasnt another 5-1 eh :bellerin:

fuck this club, and most of all fuck you wenger you controlling selfish motherfucker!


I guess it’s not going to well. I feel vindicated not watching any arsenal matches since watford loss


First game I’ve watched since January and this is what I get for it.


maybe its player power, maybe they want the fucking french fraud out too…lets face it looks at what happened at leicester and chavski


Please! Need tweet about him leaving. Post them if you find them.


That game was a train wreck like many others have been, really should have slept for another 2 hours before work.