Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


strap in for another 2 years or more like this, we will be next liverpool soon because the longer we stay like this the more difficult the rebuild will be and the less likely we will be able to get the players we need to get the rebuilding done…wenger stop telling people you know what you are going to do and announce it and fuck off out of the club


We need to make riots, kick him out of the club with force.


Time to switch off.


Gabriel is a pussy, he’s ducked out of more than a few aerial duels one of which was right before they scored.



5 mil.


wenger can buy all of the players he wants even WC ones we arent gonna get anywhere with this guy…he needs to seriously fuck off, bet you though he will stay on saying he hasnt finished what he is doing and there will be a change of staff yadda yadda…will be the same shit different package he will leave us in a worse state than SAF and manu


This club is making me so fucking angry i am sick to living fuck of this shitting cuntbag team and manager!


Well…not bothered.


Top four challenge well and truly over.

Crystal Palace have been sensational tonight, have to say.


i just KNOW this fucking cunt will STILL cling on he will sign i fucking know it…if he does someone should kneecap him.


Dear oh dear. Penalty palace.


have they? or have we made them look like this…we should be destroying these fucking teams.


was a fucking dive fucking prick




@Robin_L :ramsey:


Fucking disgrace


He jinxed it again, lol!


this club is a fucking embarassment, thanks for ruining my day, fucking overpaid wankers all of them can fuck off excluding sanchez so fucking over these bunch of shitbags


Today is the day I truly accept that the doldrums are here to stay. Not surprised anymore.


I love how Wenger said the mood has changed before the game. Just for a fucking win against West Ham? Ahahah!