Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


Were there many of those tho?

We have Sunderland and Middlesbrough to play after all. Both of whom are utter pony


again another must win game - we should win - no excuses


With Man City, Chelsea, spurs and Liverpool all winning, as expected, and Man U away to the easiest team in the PL, if we drop points, I can’t see anyway we are going to get top four.

I also can’t see how Wenger could announce a decision to stay if we fall further behind our rivals.

He simply has to win this game just to stay in touch.
I can see a low scoring draw in this, I’ll go for 1-1.


Went for a win, but a tight one. Now is the time we’ll start our annual charge for Wenger’s mythical trophy. Not sure it’s likely though. :expressionless:


It’s gonna finish like this :wink:




The looks on those ugly lil’ faces :sunglasses:


I’m reading Palace will be without up to 11 players, including MacArthur, Dann, van Aanholt and Tomkins. All of whom suck anyway, but might as well give them a mention.

No excuses for not rolling them over akin to Tottenham/Watford, if Wenger’s continued blathering about fight and hunger within the squad is to be believed :slight_smile:


This game last season:


Post a pic Robin i wanna see ur beautiful Arsenal face.


You should be so lucky :eyes::speak_no_evil:


Point would move palace 4 points clear of relegation game in hand.
Think they will park the bus. Going to say 0 0 here. Hope no injuries as only the cup matters for me now.
Catch up job later when I get in. Planned a run with friends tonight instead of this.


C’mon Arsenal! Time to start our usual Champions League run at the end of the season :mustafi:


Elneny starts again!


Unchanged from West Ham right? Will be a contrast from the last game in terms of opposition. Palace will be hot on it I reckon. Hope we fair just as well.


Win it or we don’t deserve top six.


Xhaka Elneny partnership continues :heart_eyes:


Palace’s front 4 are like a who’s who of players that have failed at bigger clubs and now found their level. Pretty sure that comment won’t come back to bite me in my shapely bum


Do you remember your :mustafi: prediction? :expressionless:


We’ll win this GFI, sit back and enjoy the magic. Palace are junk.


Ok, but you tend to jinx it, my friend :wink: