Choose your Premier League team of the year


Hazard over Alexis?!



So you are saying that LaLaLand who has been completely anonymous since Christmas should be in there by virtue of his first half of the season performances but Delilah is in there only by virtue of his second half of the season performances?

Absolutely ludicrous that Rose is in the team though.


He hasn’t been anonymous his level has dipped after injury but he’s been more consistent than Dele Alli considering the whole season.


I choose our main first team, because i love them all and i love Arsenal so therefore they are the best :campbell: …our manager on the other hand :bellerin:


Rose in 18 or whatever games has still been the best LB this season against the rest even if they have played more games tbh.


Better than Marcus Alonso?




Because of what exactly? Being better than Alonso this season is highly debatable.

Rose isn’t a top player at all, Walker is Spuds’ stand out FB.


How so?

Even if you ignore the fact that a player that has missed half the season can get into the team of a season, Alonso tips Rose in nearly any other department.

Alonso / Rose
1. Goals
5 / 2
2. Goals per game ratio
19% / 11%
3. Assists
2 / 2
4. Assists per game ratio
8% / 11%
5.Clean sheets
12 / 8
6.Clean sheets per game rate
46% / 44%


Alonso is good and I picked him in my TOTY but I feel Rose is a class above every LB in the PL


Alexis is unlucky to miss team of the year, he’s going to comfortably get 20+ goals and 10+ assists.


I try not to be biased with these things but I think he should be in there ahead of Hazard, I just think he’s blatantly been better. Though I guess the issue is muddied a fair bit with Alexis playing centrally for much of the season.


De Gea
Don’t care- Alderweield-No one- Alonso
Mane-De Bruyne-Coutinho-Hazard


Only two players out. Kane for Lalana and Luiz for Keane (which I strongly disagree with tbh). Luiz has been mugged off enough times this season.


The PFA Players’ Player of of the Year 2017. Well deserved :clap: