Choose your Premier League team of the year


Think Alli Kantè Manè have been in everyone’s team lol. Shows just how good they have been!

@Stroller feel one Liverpool is enough. Mané has been their best player. Coutinho a very close entry though!


Nobody with a Coutihnio a bit surprising.


Eriksen is still not on Ozils level and this seasons contrasting forms does nothing to change that. Ozil has barely played a game in the last couple months.


Its usually me. :slight_smile:


I don’t really want to submit my team. Too many Spuds it’s unhealthy.


Can’t beat this team. Too much grit!


Thats actually not a bad team lol


That team would be Iceland. :rosicky:


What’s weird is your love affair with a fucking Spurs player ya mad cunt.


He’s Danish and I wanted us to sign him :rage:

28 goals and assists in 41 games so far this season, not too shabby


Lallana and Mane have been better though imo so wouldn’t expect to see Coutinho in many teams


Agree on Mane. Just think the Brazilian is a match winner.


Where have you plucked those statistics from? He has 11 goals and 13 assists in 41 games this season. That’s 24 in 41.


Wanted to have Mane up front and Sanchez down the left but the stupid game wouldn’t let me.


Yeah, probably being red tinted putting Kos in but I cant handle so many scum and chavs in there…



PFA team of the year


Good team, I’d only debate De Gea & Cahill but nothing outrageous.


Totally willing to admit I could be way off here, but I really don’t think Hazard has been all that this season. Am I the only one?

He’s been good, but not great imo.

Cahill in the side is a bloody good laugh though, even the Chelsea fans I know don’t rate him for shit lol


Rose shouldn’t get in he’s played 18 games this season, Cahill shouldn’t be in there and nor should Dea Gea. The fact Azpilicueta wasn’t selected is a joke, definitely should have got in at FB over Rose at the least.

I’d argue Dele Alli shouldn’t get in either as he had a poor first half of the season he’s getting in by virtue of the latter half which has been great but still, I think Lallana it deserves over him tbh.