Chelsea v Arsenal (Premier League)


Who said this shit? :bellerin:


Here we go! Please Arsenal, don’t concede too many goals :wilshere:


Stupid to put Bellerin there to make it a 3-4-3…
A 3-5-2 to pull Pedro (or sub him by Hazard) as the wing, and add Ozil as the CAM makes more sense.


Please. Please. Please just play Alexis as the main man. The guys beside him are up for debate however if we start Giroud again, we invite all the pressure of a hungry Costa that wants revenge from the last game :gabriel:


Yeah, Giroud would mean asking for suicide today.


Praying it’s Walcott Alexis Welbeck front 3.

C’mon Wenger actually do something the fans want once in a while.


Im hoping for Sanchez followed by the trio of Iwobi, Ozil, Welbeck.


Look on the bright side: no Ramsey today :ramsey:


Wish it was no Wenger more tbh.


#Are we in the title race if we beat Chelsea today?

  • Yes
  • No

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No because we’ll just lose to Hull instead


Ah, aren’t you optimistic?


Weirdly feeling a bit more confident about this right now. Reckon we might just put in a pretty good show.

Of course reality will probably hit me soon :persevere:


I like August-ish time when it’s actually possible to be optimistic somewhat about our season.

Then Arsene-al play and it’s like…‘oh shit yeah, I’m so embarrassed I thought we had a chance.’ < That normally comes in around Nov-Dec time and the rest of the season is knocked out of CL first round, cups and finally even the most optimistic among us give up on the title around April time.




Basically anyone but Giroud.


I’ve voted yes because technically I think we’d be back in the race if we won today.

But in reality we all know we’d just go and lose a stupid fucking match in the next couple weeks and put ourselves firmly back into a top four battle rather than a title battle.


No, even if we won, we would still find a way to fuck it up. Man, it’s Arsenal we are talking about!


Expected line-ups.


Coquelin - Chamberlain

Oh god :worried:

Edit just noticed Lucas not even in the sqaud. :joy: Fuck off Wenger