Chelsea v Arsenal (Premier League)


Sounds like not watching the game and going out with my girlfriend was the right move haha


Yep, if so, he can fuck off. I am not gonna miss him that much.


Terrible performance but sadly not shocking. I can’t even get angry anymore. I’m just embrassed at it. No one stood out, Ozil, Mustafi, Alexis, Monreal and Cech were the worst offenders. Cech should be dropped, time to give Ospina a chance. Gibbs must be a starter for Hull, Monreal is finished. Welbeck also must start he was our best player. Coq isn’t good enough either sadly.

Chelsea never had it so easy, they could have won by more if they didn’t waste so much. Hazard was class as was Kante.

Bayern will destroy us. FA cup isn’t good enough to save him this season. Tough times ahead.


Imagine this Arsenal side without him though. This whole “I’m not gonna miss him” idea is so stupid as the alternative would be to have any of the other clowns playing there.


Even if we don’t win the FA Cup, Wenger still won’t leave Arsenal until he decides it’s time for himself.


Isnt he only 3 years into his latest 5 year plan? :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


The joke is we had a good enough to win the game; our transition from back to front was to slow which allowed Chelsea to organise themselves, lost the ball in important areas by our so called important players. Midfield did not organise themselves properly so it can function which caused to many counters and left defenders exposed.


Glad I had to miss this. Saw the highlights and yeah nothing to say other than we are an awful side and hopefully these results are spelling the end for the Frenchman in charge. I just hope we don’t fall below 3rd/4th on his way out.


In these big games away from home it feels like our players are on a sightseeing trip until the realise we are losing.


What exactly is the game plan at the START before we go behind? Once we’re down we just grab hold of the ball and try our best to score, but don’t give a fuck about anything beforehand. Keeping it at 0-0 is never on the cards for this team. The slow starts have cost us and we were getting away with it earlier this season.

Wenger has to go, anyone saying otherwise is mad.


Go on his account to watch the video. Cba to embed


Not that his performance was amazing, but yeah, Sanchez has been bloody frustrating.


Looks to me that he wants out, don’t be surprised if he lands up at Chelsea or City lol.


Well, he can fuck off. Need to learn football is a team game.



Expect Ox out the door come the summer. I’m sure a few players aren’t buying Wenger as manager.


Always been a fan of Oxlade tbh :grin:


We need a coach great.
I managed to watch up to their for st goal and could not believe what I was seeing.
Our players just don’t know what to do with the ball. Their positioning is non existent as is their work rate.
If you watch the Watford goal when chec saves and they get rebound you will see Montreal stood out wide waiting for a bus.
Then he strolls back , no urgency at all.
Then watch le co.q for their the fkk we got caught 2 on 2 away from home in the first 10 mins is beyond me. But le c owq is strolling back instead of trying to get back and do something positive.
But that sums up most of our players. Stand about hoping sonething will happen .
We lack a leader up front and a defensive midfielder. Poor old Alex ox should never be playing alongside s defensive midfieldr.

But at the end of the day we don’t want winners in our team just plodders.


He is following Arsenalfantv??? hahahahahahha~~~~~

I don’t know how Wenger made the judgement and decision. Multiple times he said Ox could play there… Serious??


I think the only way I am gonna respect Wenger more than I already do is if he leaves this summer. It is clear that he is unable to make the team work for it. It is not a problem of talent anymore, it’s a problem of motivation, which has to come from the top.