Chelsea v Arsenal (Premier League)


Was a clear foul. But they will score more so who cares


We deserve to equalize, tbf.


Gabriel should of scored and Ozil should of done better with that chance. Hope we can keep this up 2nd half. Maybe we need Giroud with all those pointless crosses now lol.


Clear free kick even though it was unintentional. Imagine that happening in the middle of the pitch. We have had chances, we can definitely score one or two against this team, we just need to be clinical. Tactically we’re good, we’re just not individually as good around for example Kanté or Hazard or Costa at times, but it is well within the margins of ending 2-0 or 1-2 or similar.


Ridiculous how this wasnt a fould. Bellerin gets elbowed square in the jaw


Id bring welbeck on at half time for theo the spectator.


Ozil needs to come off, imo. He has showed nothing again.


Were having a Watford half hour




The art of tackling is lost on us…


Coquelin such an embarrassment there hahaha. What a tool.


Bring on Kanu…




Giroud center mid…inspired move


The difference between them and us without the ball. They try to win it back we try to intercept it…


Possibly the worst bit of defending you will see across all tiers of English football today. Disgusting yet again.


Hes just told bould to have a dig at the 4th official


We should have scored one, tbf. We have had some good chances.


Just isnt going to happen.