Chelsea thread


Fair play to Conte, he had a lot of stick when Chelsea went through that bad spell in September. 8 wins in a row and defeating Man City away from home like that is very impressive. What a difference 12 months makes for Chelsea.


A lot easier to swallow if Chelsea do go on and win, Conte is a class guy IMO. Still obviously want them to fail. Let’s see how they do now with the minnows.

They were kind of dominated and very lucky Cahill didn’t cost them a couple more goals, but they keep winning can’t argue with that too much unless you’re an Arsenal fan and we are winning getting lucky, then you can complain a lot.


Had them as favourite at beginning of the season.

But the league is unpredictable. I believe every team will go through a period of bad results.


This isn’t the Arsenal thread


They are the opposite of modern football. 5-4-1 and counterattack, with an essential build of the action, a typical striker on attack and a worldclass and offensive player who can play without a specific role, free to run, to pass and to shoot.

With his tactic, Conte is showing how is italian. His first thought is to close the (half) spaces, stopping the offensive power of the opponents and to counterattack with the rapidity of his wingers plus one of the half winger and the two offensive players on attack.


I used to hate Chelsea but they’re definitely more likeable under Conte. And if them winning annoys José then even better!

It also rubbishes the theory that new managers need a while to settle in. Conte needed about 6 games!


Conte showing his skills. He is such a great manager. He knows how to make a team work.


To be honest the way they’re playing is so effective and impressive that I really don’t give a shit that they’re miles ahead of us. You get what you deserve and how can you argue with their run so far. It’s magnificent, flexible work from Conte that we haven’t seen from our manager for a long time. We need our team to actually be organised and clinical on a consistent basis before we can think about challenging. We are only organised and clinical when our strongest XI play and our below strength side is just not good enough as a team.


I think it’s a real indictment of Mou. This is pretty much the same squad that Mou had. I think Alonso and Michy Batshuayi are the only notable additions. Conte has managed to implement a back three and convert Victor Moses from a bust to a fairly effective cog in a machine.


Luiz and Kantè are pretty important aswell :wink:

See Stephen Christmas

Totally forgot about Kante.

David Luiz is hot garbage but gets a pass because of his haircut.



lol I knew someone would pull that out. I don’t really mean it in terms of points, I just think they’re performing so much more consistently than us and it actually looks like it’ll last. Miles ahead of us in quality performances basically. I just can’t see us doing that right now. Even today in our 5-1 win, we could have wrapped it up a lot earlier before a moment of brilliance from one of our star players. We rely too often on them to drag us over the line.


Chelsea will have a dry spell.


You are spot on. They are playing a level above. But tbh, how many times have we played the best football and got nowhere?

They will stumble at some point, the mark of a champion is winning when you are out of form and not playing well, it’s the little points that matter and I hope that’s where they begin to drop points.


Knowing Conte, it looks very difficult atm, but who knows.


Its not totally fair if you consider Jose won the league with that squad really.


I’m predicting they are going to fuck up this supposed easy fixture list in December. Maybe not fuck up but they’ll drop some points.


Aye Chelsea might be good at football and everything, but they also diddle kids.

So it’s swings and roundabouts isn’t it really?


We beat them 3-0. Relax, they will be found out sooner rather than later.