Chelsea thread


AC Milano?


Who fucking cares?


Yep, he is going to Milan on loan in january.


Not quite the same London treble as Gallas and Adebayor lol. @Mysty

Read he wants to stay in London so he may go for this over Seria A.


That would be cool, would like to see what he could do playing behind Payet, and West Ham is a club I really have no gripes with so I could go back to wishing him well and liking to watch him as a footballer. Hopefully he could even help West Ham to a few scalps at Liverpool and City’s expense.


Batshuayi turning out for the Chelsea development team ffs He’s be starting at Arsenal ffs.


Would we better off right now if we’d started with him up front all season instead of alexis?


Yes. I see Michy as a combination of Giroud and Alexis, he’s very dynamic player.

I’m not convinced Alexis upfront is a undisputed option.


So some youngster from France would have come in and done a better job than alexis has this season? I’m not so sure


Fabregas has gone from arsenal captain and PL winner with Chelsea to playing in the u23’s. LOL :joy:


Glad to read that.

Kudos to cesc.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Fabregas has technically won the PL with Arsenal, as during the 2003-04 season he only made appearances in the League cup. His only trophy with the Arsenal is the 2005 FA cup.


You’re correct but Calum was saying he won the PL with Chelsea. :slight_smile:


Ah whoops read that sentence wrong.


And yet he’s still better than pretty much all of our midfielders :anguished:



Chelsea is atm the most frightening team in PL imo. The way Conte took the team Moro burned to the ground and lifted into this form… if they were in CL they would top their group (depends ofc who are in the group).


Pep vs. Conte on saturday is gonna be so interesting.


But do you not think if they were in the CL then their league form wouldn’t be as good? Same as Liverpool.


Especially considering the extent of injuries Liverpool are facing even with their limited fixture list.