Chelsea thread


They just spent 30m on world class sideshow Bob though. They dont need another CB :smirk:


De Laurentiis is the biggest bullshitter out there. Can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth


Pfft he is a centre back.
Even if I was sitting on a billion dollars pile up, I would sell.




Biggest sponsorship deal in their history. Gonna be weird seeing Chelsea wearing Nike lol


Nike usually do have the best looking kits though. Much better than puma and Adidas imo.


Ugh. Nike now investing heavy in plastic it seems.


I’m not mad Kroenke didn’t invest his own money into the club during 08-12, to be somewhat competitive during the transition, but this might be a good example of investing money (and winning because of it) makes money.

We thought they would fall off once Abramovich left, but now they are signing the second biggest kit deal in Premier League history?


When you invest over £1bn what other results do you expect?

Fordstam Ltd still owes, and will continue to owe Abramovich all that money. I don’t know much about finance at such a massive level but can Abramovich write off a loan of over £1bn just like that?

Fordstam Ltd is practically unsellable with that much debt attached to the company. The likely scenario is that Fordstam Ltd will continue to remain in Abramovich’s estate whilst his beneficiaries siphon Chelsea FC’s revenues to reduce the debt level then look to sell the club for a profit.


Apparently it’s a 15 year deal though, making it much less impressive as you expect the sponorship value to be going up yearly. Our kit deal will be up for renewal in 2018, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more we can raise. Chelsea may have had their share of success but I doubt they sell as many shirts.


It would be typical Abramovich.


I can see us signing a similar 60m a year deal when ours is up for renewal. I don’t think we’ll get more than that but perhaps will do better in terms of the contract not being as long.

@Kaner im just going to tag you whenever i make a prediction from now on so you can keep a list.


How long is it going to take Abramovich to realise it’s not the managers that are the problem, it’s the person choosing them that doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.


He’s just stupid. Chelsea need time to be rebuilt after last season. If Conte was intelligent, he would blame Mourinho for this current mess.


i don’t know why he hasn’t taken/bought his coaching badges himself yet.


Pretty sure @Leper has said to not trust the bookies!! @Luca_from_Italy :wink:


I could call abramovich many things, thief bieng the most obvious but never stupid . Chelsea is one of his many toys and he isnt known for his patience . I can see him hiring maureen again in 2 or 3 seasons or managers time. Oh to have such money !






Cesc, Cesc, Cesc…that’s all I wanted to say