Chelsea thread


Not called the Daily Fail for nothing :joy::joy:


Frank Lampard has officially retired. If you could call one Chelsea (ex-)player sympathetic, which you can’t since they are all cunts, it would be Lampard imo.



One of My favourite played of all time. Just amazing.


Frank Lampard’s been an amazing pro and developed (the odd moment of youthful idiocy and diving aside) into a great ambassador for the game, I’ve got a lot of time for him. Also he done gone and got a GCSE in Latin, unlike all them other thick footballers.

For me he’s always been kind of the polar opposite of that disgusting oxygen thief John Terry.


^ this.


Lampard was like Cech the only two of that Chelsea core that you didn’t hate.

The best goalscoring midfielder the PL has had and for me better than Gerrard.


They’re running a Lampard v Gerrard poll on the BBC and it’s split exactly 50/50. I’m surprised, I went for Lampard but I thought people generally preferred Gerrard as a player. He certainly had more of the England limelight.

I used to not like Lampard because he was a greedy cunt that took shots all the time but I think he improved every year and played well under many different coaches and when he went to City he was a useful part of the team there too. As he started to decline in his early 30s he made that kind of transition that guys like Giggs made into elder statesman of midfield which I really like, whereas Gerrard just became worse and overrated.


There are a lot of Liverpool fans out there I reckon :grinning:.



Serious Question here, not just a rib at Chavski.

Their new stadium, will this be put in on top of their debt to abramovic. That article from the spuds saying that their stadium has skyrockeed to £800m, if this goes to Abramovich that could owe him £1.5-2 BILLION! I know the supporters keep on saying about how it doesnt matter because of the circumstances of how the debt has been set up, but what seriously does happen to that debt, what happens if he wants it back.

Are they making payments back on this…because the only way i can see him getting his money back is him taking money out of the club every season then the fans will hate him, look at our fans with Kroenke how they act over a paultry 3m a season coming out for him and that is for media stuff. I genuinely want to know what happens to that debt especially when it will pretty much double, that is shit scary amounts. The club even with the new stadium wil not be worth that amount of money not even close!


remember he has more money than he could ever spend.

You may well be right, but given all this time i am inclined to think he is attached and couldnt give a shit what it costs.


The only person who can answer those questions is Roman himself.

At a guess i reckon if he ever walks away he’ll take the 700m or whatever the sale yields and write off the rest.


Didn’t he write off the previous debts? Or he put them on the club with a share issue or something but I don’t think it ended up that he’d just turn around and ask for it all back (I’m sure I asked this before and was sufficiently answered).

If Chelsea continue to perform, can build a 60000 seater stadium and fill it their fanbase, sponsorships and value will grow. If he sticks around for 15 years and they’re good for 15 years and relatively self sufficient, they’ll be worth a lot more than he’s put in.


Better question is who the hell is going to buy a Chelsea’s parent company with over 1bn debt attached to it?

The likely scenario is that Chelsea FC revenues will be siphoned to satisfy debt levels.


Someone who’ll use it to lower the asking price.


In one of his first interviews after buying Chelsea, the then-36-year-old Russian sat down with editor of BBC Business Jeff Randall. When asked if buying the football club was about making money, Abramovich responded:

No, it’s not about making money.

I have many much less risky ways of making money than this. I don’t want to throw my money away, but it’s really about having fun—and that means success and trophies.


This stuff always goes up because the revenue is always going up. If he hangs on to the club and it ends up being worth £2bn in a decade then he’s not making a loss and he’s having a whale of a time doing it. And if he spends 500m on a stadium and if it generates an extra 30m a season and isn’t going to negatively affect the football like ours did then it’s a bit of a no-brainer surely?

There’s a reason that everyone wants to do it and it’s not just to give more people the pleasure of watching a team play in the flesh. If a stadium lasts 100 years and pays for itself in 15-20, that’s just smart isn’t it?


Chelsea have made a €38m plus €5m bonuses for AS Monaco central midfielder Tiemoué Bakayoko, according to @LatourBertrand.

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 21 maart 2017

Cesc and/or Matic are gone this summer?