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It’s not clear if the cause was a (false) injury, his bad relationship with a staff member or his decision to consider the offer from China.

If he wants to go, should be prepared to fight with Abramovic and the board. Especially after a complicated summer transfer window, when Chelsea failed to sign great players apart Kante, they will refuse to sell their best player, top scorer, with the team on top of the league. They will reach an agreement for the end of the season.


@JakeyBoy now you know :sunglasses:

Anyway it’s fun to laugh at the chavs and all that, but tbf they’re losing a player to something they can do nothing about, from a top of the table position that may well see them go on to win the league. In that situation you just have to flog the player and be done with it.

We’ve got this to come around the corner with Sanchez (I think anyway), ok he’s not going to China because he’s a decent professional and not a utter cocksmoker like Costa, but he’s still probably off. And if he leaves, it will be over something we could’ve done more about. That’s the galling thing.

But yeah, it is fun to laugh at Chelsea.


He’s within his rights to be unsettled with that kind of offer but he won’t be sold in January and this will have blown over in a week.


He wants to ply his trade at the highest level in a superior league, who can blame him?


I would imagine that with the type of disposition Diego Costa possesses he’d bolt to china for the money in an instant. Hope he does, would be hilarious. :wilshere:


Costa is massive for Chelsea. He really does lead the line in a very unique fashion. They won’t be able to replace him this season if he goes, would pretty much destroy their title hopes no doubt about it.

My money is on Costa agreeing to stay till the rest of the season at least before moving.


He’s not going anyhwere but I’d also rather have him stay in the PL anyway. It’s good for the league to have good players even if they’re not all playing for Arsenal.


I can see it now. Costa goes to China for 70 million, Sanchez goes to Chelsea for 45 million. Please stay, Diego :cry:


You forget Jorge Mendes being a greedy cunt once again. China comes in, they are probably interested in Costa and his agent sees a big opportunity to make money.


haha that was the first thing I thought when I read the Costa to China rumour, Jorge Mendes is rubbing his hands over this one :smiling_imp:

I mean he has to one-up Raiola after their United-heist where Raiola probably made a small country’s BNP on Mkhitaryan, Zlatan and Pogba while Mendes only got Mou and the previous season’s De Gea contract (after the “fax broke down” with Real lol).

I’m sure he’ll be looking to start out agent’s league 2017 by getting ahead of Raiola with this one, and I hope he convinces Costa to end his career prematurely for money so that he can make a huge profit himself the greedy bastard lol

Although Maxi_Gooner makes good points!


Does Mendes work with some of our players? I hope not.


Costa wanted out to Atlético Madrid last summer but they told him to stick it and eventually all was forgiven. This will probably be no different, it does just highlight once again what an arse the man is though.

I get the ‘looking after your family, extended family + neighbour’s dog for life’ argument but really these people can do that on top Premier League wages, let alone China wages. Stop making excuses for greed.


I mean, this is the guy that in his twenties decided he was no longer Brazilian so what can you really expect from his Chelsea loyalties.

I think this raises a bigger issue though since China can now see that they can destabilise top players at top clubs and they should be doing more of it. I doubt they approached every player on the planet until they got down to the likes of Gervinho and Teixeira.


Conte reiterated why Diego Costa was not available to play today

‘If you want to know the truth, I am ready to tell the truth. The truth is this: on Tuesday during the training session Diego stopped because he felt a pain in his back. From that moment he didn’t train during the week, and for this reason he wasn’t available for the starting XI, for the bench or to come with the squad. This is the truth.

‘I read a lot of speculation about this topic. I can say if there are problems, and I repeat if there are problems, I am used in my career to solving the problem in the changing room, not outside or in the press conference, and I repeat if there are problems. I told you the truth.’

Conte said any talk of an offer from China was pure speculation and that the striker’s fitness would be assessed when the players return to training on Tuesday

I think we can bury this topic again. Sky sources, breaking news and all that but chances are that this whole thing was really just overblown and that Craigie won’t get his wish of China and other (smaller) countries becoming our new overlords.


Ngolo kante is a fucking beast, his numbers are better than makeleles one.


Costa is back training with Chelsea…

Much Ado About Nothing.


I read he is training alone though. Not a great difference in the end.


No he was back training with the first team today

He trained alone yesterday - though despite the misleading headlines, that was because there was no one else there and not because he had been shunned.


He seems to have the mental faculties of a child, an adult’s body and the old man face of an old man. It’s happened twice in a year, won’t be the last time he has a gigantic hissy fit.


Ok, didn’t know it. The Daily Mail with a fake news once again :expressionless: