Chelsea thread


Cahill as good as Keown? :bellerin: Ok, it’s The Sun :arteta:


Whole top six could do with a Spurs victory over Chelsea. Ideally even a thumping. If there is going to be any turnaround in results between them and the teams chasing, it would have to start around now. More important that Chelsea come down to catchable distance when we face them to at least give us that possibility of one last chance at redemption this term, than to push Spurs further behind. Obviously a very tall order and we’re cunts for capitulating in 80% of the big games so far.


To @will24 too: just to be clear, I didn’t buy The Sun, I just saw this picture posted by an Arsenal fan page and thought people on here might appreciate a good chuckle.

I also have no problem sharing something from The Sun if I am doing so to highlight it’s despicable and/or ridiculous nature.


Nah don’t worry I know man haha. It was more a random comment about the quality of the paper :+1:


I’ll never forget this shite, made me embarrassed to be a human. Ordered to pay €10.000 each and banned from Chelsea and England games for a maximum of five years, most of the time I don’t believe in the idea of harder punishment (for most crimes) but with this trash you kind of feel they should be castrated with butter knives.


Jesus, ten grand is hefty. Let us hope they get a good slap too!


Gem of a player, unfortunately sounds like Chelsea finally have a coach with an interest in developing some of their young players and they’ve got a shit ton of them.


Apparently Costa is out of the squad for the weekend.


I knew they were going to implode at some point


Scenes :joy:




Costa looking to make it rain with that Chinese paper


Costa’s a huge loss for them and their title campaign.


As funny as it is, Costa surely won’t go to China. He’ll probably be back next week - he better bloody wanna be anyway, my fantasy team is falling apart, that’s 4 “red” players now :unamused:


Could this be the thing that derails their season? No way Chelsea will sell him, definitely not in the January window, but it could disrupt their season somewhat


Lovely stuff really.

I reckon Leicester will be taking points off them tomorrow too.


Seems a little premature to already assume that’s happening, no? It’s only the first whiff of some instability. I really doubt he’ll stay out of the first IX for long and there’s no way the club will let him go to China.


Completely out of the blue! Conte and Costa seemed to get along so well. Conte even convinced him to stay last summer. Chelsea to collapse now?


as much as i would love a chelsea collapse they have been playing well without the turnip, only thing that could cause it is if the dressing room gets disrupted.