Chelsea thread


On average the team who wins the league tends to win about 25-26 games a season. Chelsea have won 15 of the opening 18 games so winning 10 of the last 20 plus picking up a few draws here and there should really be enough to see them win the title.


I was reading that he will make like 400k a week, during the duration of his contract he will make around 160M USD, salary plus image rights and bonuses.

Chelsea sold de bruyne and mata to rely on this guy that underperformed last season and this current one and now left for money.


“Should” being the operative word. What, we just roll over and die, then? Good job that attitude doesn’t run through The Mighty Arsenal. You might have forgotten, football’s a funny old game.


It’s just an observation. Nothing wrong with that.

Ofcourse you should fight until it’s really impossible, but in the last 10-12 years usually it becomes clear after 19-26 matchdays which team is the best or has the best chances to become Champions. Actual titles fights are a thing of the past bar some exemptions (11/12).


Pretty frustrating that Fabregas is looking at his second league title in 3 seasons with Chelsea after never winning it with us for so long.


Yup, I bet he’s sorely regretting the day Wenger turned down his Arsenal comeback. Pissing off some misguided fans who’ll never get within spitting distance of him anyway vs. probable title haul, hmm it’s a toughie!


Depends how arrogant he is really, perhaps he might be thinking “if Arsenal had taken me back, they’d have won the league” :grin:

But anyway, it doesn’t matter. We must be used to seeing ex Arsenal players with medals round their necks by now!


Do you really think we would have won the league with Cesc back? Our problems are down to a lack of winning mentality and tactical awareness, not a lack of players.


I don’t even think we’d have won the league with Messi, let alone Cesc!


Exactly. We have deep, deep problems at Arsenal that you can’t just fix by buying players.


The state of this :laughing:


How the fuck does Pires only get a 7 and ranked lower than Willian? Should get at least a 9. And how the fuck is David Luiz same as Sol Campbell?! :arteta: It’s like whoever did the numbers for us, either never saw that brilliant team play or biased as fuck. (Or both).The two teams aren’t even close in comparsion.


Great banter from the sun when are they posting the real version?


No way in any world is Pires not better than Willian and in no world is David Luiz better than Sol Campbell.

And in no world is Kante the same as Vieira.


That genuinely hurts my eyes reading that.

This is also a completely unrelated point, but who the fuck buys the sun :joy:


Jakey, The Sun??

I am disappoint. You especially are better than that.

On to what it said, not even worth dignifying that with a response.


I’m not even sure of the context. Why even write a comparison between teams 14 years apart? Now especially, not even playing them until next month.


Because that is the team whose wins in a row record Chelsea could beat.


That explains it then. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Still a pretty bad waste of ink tbh.