Chelsea thread


Where exactly is this alleged “hyperbole”? Particularly as I was referring to the mental aspect.

To be frank who gives a shit if they’ll regress? They’re are dominating right now and we have failed to live with them in pivotal moments.

I don’t quite get your argument are you trying to diminish Conte’s impact? If so you’re doing a piss poor job mate.


People use the fact Chelsea are 9 points ahead of us to criticise wenger when they are literally in the best run of form they’ve had in 12 years,

If one of the best teams of the past 12 years are in the best form they have ever had then it’s gonna be pretty hard for any manager to compaire

Hopefully their form returns to something less than devistating and we can close he gap before we play them, although I’m not holding my breath


I made a tongue in cheek comment about us beating them. Then ironically my post is attacked for not giving Chelsea credit (while in an Arsenal fan forum as if I need to give Chelsea any credit for anything). Ironic because my comment was meant to compliment Arsenal for beating the league leaders and making them look like a league 1 side on the day. Apparently I’m not allowed to talk positively about Arsenal without commenting about how amazing (insert any other team) are.


Credit to them… they started slowly but are a freight train right now. Conte’ has their super-talented players playing like they should and with a tactical competence that is really hard to see how they fail to seize the title atm.


This post is a little moot considering that you’re posting up in a Chelsea thread.

It’s all good, didn’t seem tounge in cheek to me, you’ve seen better troll days hombre.


Are we going to thank Spurs when they stop Chelsea beating our record?

Seriously though, Chelsea are doing something unusual, can’t expect anyone to keep up with that form. Though being 9 points behind is still unacceptable in my opinion.




:see_no_evil: I apologise for my awful drunk spelling


Never apologise. Its christmas damn it everyone should be drunk.


Moot, how? We beat them. Dominated them. Made them look like Reading. How is that not relevant? It’s an amazing result for us, the nest of our season so far at the half way point. All everyone wants to do is downplay how badly we dominated the supposed unstoppable league leaders. I’m also confident we’ll do it again. As opposed to the pretty standard defeatist Arsenal fan with an inferiority complex.


I wasn’t referring to the result.

I’m referring to you bemoaning being “attacked” for not giving Chelsea credit and the like, since it’s their thread it may not be out of this world to acknowledge them here and there unless one come’s here to just rag on them all the time.

No one is downplaying anything, however, bringing it up when they’re sitting comfortable at the top of the table and have dominated since then achieves what exactly?


Of course, Everton and City were beatable. We should still be only 3 points behind them.


We shit on them though and that’s the whole point of my initial post, they didn’t dominate us it was quite the opposite.


Every team second till sixth could really do with a Spurs victory over Chelsea. There has to be a string of dropped points now when the games are tough. If it isn’t all over then now is the time for the turnaround in results.


Nah, fuck them. Shower of cunts.


It’s not the same IMO. Recently yes the football has been worse. However for the majority of the season up until now we’ve been playing some good stuff, we’re scoring close to 3 goals per gm average.

As far as getting bored watching Arsenal I’ll have to disagree there. I’ve watched some pretty boring football recently out.of Chelsea, City, and Lolpool. I think it’s less about individual teams being boring and more about the bottom of the league seeing where they stand in the table halfway through the season, and deciding it’s time to park the bus and avoid relegation. The perfect example of this was Chelsea v West Brom from a couple weeks back. About as boring a match youll ever see with Chelsea doing absolutely fuck all until a WBA defender gifts the ball to Costa in front of goal and it ends 1 nil. We played much better football today with a bunch of attempts. Against a parked bus like that, I’m pretty happy with what I saw today.


Our performance was better than chelsea tbh. Though obviously that doesnt mean much, if anything.


I admit Chelsea have a better chance of the title, I’m not as deluded as some think, just an optimist, but remember 5 months is a long time in football. We can easily make a comeback.


Conte is someone who has the balls to not let the title slip away from them. I think they just need 40 points to win it now.


You underestimated the appeal of that sweet, sweet dollar :grinning: