Cazorla Replacement


I think Isco has always starting more games than he was benched. Always felt James Rodriguez was being kept out a bit.


On AS it says that Ander Herrera’s contract is up at the end of the season. Would definitely be in for him. Or even make him the Xhaka replacement.

A midfield of


would be a good solution to post Özilism. I guess we have no chance at Goretzka, though?


It is a possibility we were one of the clubs involved in talking to him and he isnt sold on going to bayern and has said a number of times he hasnt signed anything with them, so i guess it all depends if he wants to come here (he has little to no competition for his position at this club) and see if he does eventually decide to go to bayern or not.


Is Goretzka what we want/need?


Yeah, i do like Herrera. Underrated player.


I am not sure of a player who couldn’t cement a place while United went 4-5 years without a convincing midfield.
Felliani, Carrick, Schneiderlin were his competition after all.


Herrera was first choice before Mourinho came, tbh.


And an important player for Mourinho last season when he realised how to use him. There’s no shame in not getting chosen over Matic (possibly best 6 in the league) and Pogba (automatic selection).


Not difficult to be better than Le Coq and Elneny, tbh :smile:


Another player we should really be looking at is Fabián from Betis. Under Setién, and out of the shadow of Ceballos, he’s really broken out this season. If I were Arsenal I would be going hard at him in the winter window before he gets snatched up by Barça, Madrid, or another club.

Though if Madrid gets him we could also go for Kovacic who seems to be souring on his situation finally and might look for a way out soon enough.

Ramsey-Fabián/ Kovacic