Cazorla Replacement


Madrid are looking to offload Modric. Not exactly a replacement for Cazorla seeing as he is only a year younger than him but not someone I’d be opposed to adding to the team.


Modric would be a sensational buy, I’m not expecting us to be signing players of that calibre this summer.


Modric is 31 though so he wouldn’t be a long term option.


Modric went to Madrid for 30,00 Mill. € at the prime of his power. Even though he signed a new contract last year, being 31 I can imagine we could be able to sign him up at the region of 20,00 Mill. €, especially since we have a good transfer relationship with Madrid and as I said, they are looking to move him on. The only reason I can think of why we wouldn’t go for him is called Arsene Wenger.


Isco has 1 year on his contract and is likely in the position where he’ll demand a big contract. Real like paying players like Isco smaller wages. That’s why they flogged Ozil and DiMaria. So they either dump a higher paid player to give him a bigger contract or sell him.


Modric would be a great replacement but Wenger rarely gives contracts to players over thirty.
If Real Madrid are serious about spending big money on a striker it does mean they might sell a player that has become surplus to requirements to us, like they did with Ozil.

Either Isco or Modric would be good if Cazorla leaves.


Didn’t we extend Santi and Pers contracts? Both over 30? And didn’t we re sign Flamini when was over 30? Or give Cech a 4 year deal over 30? And didn’t we try to give Campbell another deal after signing him over the age of 30?

Oh and we extended Rosicky contract many times into his 30s.

I’m not sure where you’ve got that from. Wenger hasn’t been averse to giving 30+ players contracts for about 6 years now.


Koscielny and Giroud just got new contracts and both were 30+ at the time.

The Wenger and players over 30 thing is definitely an outdated cliché now.


Only short term contracts.
It’s fairly well known Wenger rarely buys players over thirty.
The players you mentioned were already here, or players we used to have.


You have a habit of creating negativity out of nothing. Very few big clubs sign players over 30. Not unless the transfer represents excellent value like say Ibra on a free for example.


What’s the source that’s saying they’re shopping Modric around?

Either way a past prime 31yo world class player on 180k a week looking for a last payday has the Manchester clubs written all over it.

If we’re going for a rejected technical playmaker I suspect Turan or Nasri on loan would proven to be where the value is.


Really? Are they crazy? Well, not complaining in the end. We could get another Ozil :ozil2:



Santi, Rosicky, Mertesacker were all short extensions. Flamini was free and 29. Goalkeepers don’t usually age as quickly as outfield players.

When has Arsenal paid money and given big contract to an older outfield player? The nearest is Arteta, who was 29 when we signed him. Modric will be 32 by the time. He’d probably be a great addition to next season and probably would be too slow after that if he ages as most footballer do.

It’s sort of like United signing Schweinsteiger. A top playing winning the world cup and CL, shifted because he’s losing his pace.


The negativity is based on facts and previous seasons mistakes.




That said, it wouldn’t surprise me, Modric has shown definite signs of decline this season.


Would love Fornals or Toliso from that list


Such a sobering thought when we consider replacing Cazorla, particularly as he’s one of only two players in the squad older than me :frowning:


That list is vastly underrated how good Santi is, it’s essentially like comparing Henry to Theo. Having said that my current wishlist playmaker signing is Forsberg.