Cazorla Replacement


Who do you have in mind?


Tbf to Gabriel and Elneny I don’t if they were projected as starting players when signed, eventually, or they had been signed for the bench. Are Arsenal going to get players who are a lot better in the latter case?


Barring Coquelin I like it, but I get why you put him there. Where would Özil go tho? don’t say Bayern :smirk:


We should try a diamond :giroud:


We could sign Toni Kroos and still get rustled by some absolute trash in the league. I enjoy us signing players, great ones but feel underwhelmed about the overall situation we are currently in.

There are some great options out there for sure and definitely no reason for Arsene to be stingy next season with the ‘no quality’ out there blah blah.


S-s-s-santi… Is that you??


Must say that was a delight to watch.


The absolute ideal replacement for Santi.


Who is it. Cba watching it :grimacing:



Watch it, you won’t regret it. Sick tune as well.






Do we have a realistic chance of signing Isco? Who’s our competition?


He could sign an extension or walk into most top teams in Europe. So unlikely unless other teams focus on other targets


Barça will snap him up if Madrid don’t manage to retain him.


Off head I know that Barcelona, City, Milan, Juve, Chelsea and Liverpool have all been linked to him at some point or another.


He’ll stay at Real Madrid, unfortunately.


I think most top clubs might be interested in him, so it’s going to be difficult to persuade him to come here.
Also, we are probably going to have to replace Sanchez and possibly Ozil, as well as getting a striker to replace RVP, and they are just as important positions to be filled.

The problem we have is, if Wenger is still the manager next season, we all know that these positions aren’t going to be adequately filled and he will wheel out all the old tired excuses.

It’s clear we have missed Cazorla but Isco, like most other top players, aren’t going to be tempted to come here.


Real Madrid for one.


I think with the decline of CR7, Bale’s injury record and Rodriguez reportedly being available I can’t see how he’d be on the market this summer unless he literally tried to force a move out.


Toldo you there is only one replacement for Santi: Isco :ozil2: