Cazorla Replacement


You haven’t consistently watched him though, otherwise you’d know what position he was playing in and be talking about the countless number of times he passes to the opposition instead of acting like he’s already a cross between Xavi and Vieira. He was probably really good for you on football manager or something though


Come on, man. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. That is totally all right, but in this case you shouldn’t really get cocky with people.


Are we not talking about who can replace Santi or was that another thread? And saying someone has shades of a player doesn’t mean they’re on their level right now, didn’t think that needed further explanation.

As for him playing in the AMC positon to be blunt what the hell that does that have to do with it when he’s played there four times in total this season? He’s a central midfielder period.

You’re talking to me about football manager when you admit you just went and had a quick look at a stats website and a couple of YouTube videos, OK mate.

  1. The answer to the thread is simple, you can’t and we won’t try to anyway because of squad numbers.

  2. I watch BL highlights, how many Gladbach full games have you actually watched in full if you’re being completely honest? I’m guessing not that many, most people who aren’t fans of a team don’t watch many of their full games thus can’t see all the errors and qualities an individual player makes

In the absense of full matches statistics are absolutely the best way to see a players strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of passing stats he isn’t better than what we have, in terms of passing completion, percentage of forward passes, passing range:|premier_league/2016/2017/jack_wilshere/641/641/378/299/p|premier_league/2016/2017/aaron_ramsey/641/641/377/0/p|premier_league/2016/2017/mohamed_elneny/641/641/9245/0/p|premier_league/2016/2017/granit_xhaka/641/641/2103/0/p#total_passes/avg_pass_length/total_forward_passes/pass_completion#90

I’m not saying he’d be a bad signing but he’d be a project and not better than what we have.


Isn’t he having a bad season?


Hipsters been served.


One thing I don’t question is @Darkseid and @Burgundy dedication to watching continental football. But then if you have a positive opinion about a player who plies their trade in other European leagues it’s generally shot down by a fair percentage of people on this forum who think everyone good plays in England. They conveniently forget the PL is what it is because of players signed from these inferior European leagues.

I’m not an avid Bundesliga follower. Predominantly just Serie A these days. But from what I’ve seen and by all accounts Dahoud has potential to be a special talent. A level below Wilshere? I’m not too sure about that one lol.


I’m not saying we should sign Dahoud, but Cazorla came here as an attacking midfielder too fyi. He got dropped back a line because of injuries of others. Which turned out to work great for us.


Why bother to discuss Santis replacement when Wenger is happy with Ramsey.
I have said for years that Ramsey has not got the foggiest how to defend.
Wenger will sign a new 2 year contract and sign us another second rate midfieldr.



Oh and yes, this is also a player Wenger almost signed -.-


Ramsey is rubbish, to replace santi we should let him go next season to make some room and free up some wages, but we need to sign a proper replacement a high level player.

Addrien rabiot, veratti, miralem pjanic.

I know they are not carbon copy of santi but are very good players.


I happen to believe Verratti is the best replacement in the world for Santi. It’s just massively unattainable for us to sign someone like him.


He is my dream, but Barça will keep him 100%.


If replacement means one in and Cazorla out, then I see very little progress. We badly need a new central midfielder, but we should also keep Cazorla and Wilshere in the squad next season. Look at the current subpar back up for the position right now and how much it has cost us these last two seasons. Having three good players in the squad for the position instead of just one is a massive upgrade. In the event all three main options are out injured, we still have the likes of Xhaka and Elneny to step in as cover. Dahoud is all the rage at the moment, Isco would be an interesting option too.


It would almost be a like for like. I literally don’t think there is anyone else in the same mold. Maybe Thiago but both names are so unrealistic.


In an ideal world Thiago or Veratti. No idea if that world exists though.


That’s exactly how I feel. By ‘replacement’ I mean someone of quality who can come in and play more games, because it’s not smart to bank on Cazorla staying injury free for long anymore.


Santi’s replacement isn’t the problem. We need first and foremost s manager replaceent. Then we need someone with the balls to have a great big clear out starting with ;


Im not disagreeing with you that Santi’s replacement is not ‘the’ problem, but it is ‘a’ problrm. One that I find interesting to chew over.


You wish :poldi:. Isco is a more realistic target.