Bundesliga Thread


Lewa’s brace gives Bayern the win. Gladbach and Hoffenheim draw, instead.
Dortmund now.


1-0 BVB. Jaaa.



Auba puts Dortmund up against Hertha.


OMFG WHAT A GOAL BY SAHIN. 2-0. :cech::giroud3:


Dortmund with 2 wins in the first 2 games.


Leipzig thrashed Freiburg 4-1.


Hannover still with a 100% record after beating Schalke.


First start for Jean Kevin Augustin and 2 assists.


Hoffenheim just straight up became the best team in the world. :giroud3:


Getting relegated now :xhaka:


Hamburg to stun Leipzig to continue their impressive start to the season today? :henry2:
0-0 at HT. Hamburg looking good in these first league games.



Wow. Timo Werner is fucking fast.




2-0 FT for Leipzig. Keita and Werner on the scoresheet.


Hope Hoffenheim can surprise Bayern today.


In Dortmund game, Frieburg player placed a risky tackle on Schmelzer.
Got a yellow initially.

Video review and they made it a red.


Dortmund 0-0 at HT.
Neverkusen down against Mainz.
Dortmund starting to bottle earlier this season. 0-0 at HT. Now Hoffenheim-Bayern.
Hoffenheim!!! 1-0 to them!


Felix on the bench. :santi:


Maybe because he is fucking shit?