Bundesliga Thread


Finally! Nice goal! 3-1!
What a cunt! Bellarabi deserved a red card.
3-1 FT for Bayern. They were far from impressive.


Jonker must really rate Hinds to be starting him on the opening weekend with other more experienced options available.


Switched over to this, let’s see how our boy does.

Oh hey look Wolfsburg have that Bozoer kid from the Dutch league!


Supporting Dortmund because @Persona is missing :hipster:


Get that ketchup out my American pal, it’s Hinds time!



Keep it up with those puns Cuellar, you’re Kaylen it!

He really should have #57 as his shirt though shouldn’t he?


Gotze and Aubameyang back for Dortmund.


According to my commentator on the stream Hinds is called the “silent assassin.”

Cholesterol is a killer. :ozil2::mustafi:


LOOOL this dick injured himself celebrating



Pullisic is really good damn, we’ve actually got a player for our international team.


Castro, you fucking bottler! Should have 1-0 to Dortmund.


Yeah, the only american who knows how to play football :hipster:




Bartra! 2-0! Dortmund doing very well.


Ok this is over, 2 nil and Hinds has hardly touched the ball.


Dortmund move the ball so well. They make it so easy for them.
2-0 Dortmund at HT, while Hoffenheim draw.


Gotze has been good.


BVB vs GOATBAE. :giroud3:


MGG… :gabriel:


YOU’RE BACK! You’ve missed two great goals :hipster:


Just looked them up… Bartra :cech::giroud3:


Auba 0-3.


Goetze off, Dahoud on. Fuckers. :sanchez2:


That pass from Castro…Holy cow! :heart_eyes: