Bundesliga Thread


Wolfsburg keeper fouls on the edge of the opposition’s box. :arteta:


It was.


Hamburg’s last match day drama once again.


Final verdicts:

[B]Champions[/B]: Bayern
[B]Champions League[/B]: Leipzig and Dortmund
[B]Champions League playoffs[/B]: Hoffenheim
[B]Europa League[/B]: Cologne, Hertha and one between Freiburg and Eintracht
[B]Relegated[/B]: Ingolstadt and Darmstadt
[B]Playout[/B]: Wolfsburg


Only because what i said applies to you. :smile:

My favourite trope is actually putting the word nuanced after the word tactical when trying to illustrate what a good manager is/isn’t.

That really shows people you mean business.


It doesn’t at all, but you think it does–it doesn’t even make sense, I don’t think it could really apply to anyone–that’s why it’s obnoxious. :slight_smile:


A legend leaves the pitch for the last time. :clap:


okay. :smile:


Teflon team Hamburg do it again…somehow.

Wolfsburg should have too much for Braunschweig over two legs regardless



Classy Gigi!


Italy has Buffon, Germany has Lahm

Apparently we have John Terry :laughing: Give me a break



@Persona, your beloved Mario is playing today :hipster:


What a chance for Braunschweig! Really bottled it here.


Brunswick should be 1-0 up. Eeeeek.

“There was rumours that Jonker was going to take over the Arsenal academy after Liam Brady left…But he decided to stick around…”





Penalty to Wolfsburg. Think it was a fair decision, tbh. MARIOOOOOOOO GOMEZZZZZZZZZ! :giroud:


MGG 1-0. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


1-0 Wolfsburg at HT.


This game is dull.